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Awards and competitions

Tamayouz Excellence Award runs 8 awards, competitions and challenges biennially, see which are already open and taking submission and which will be announced at a later date

Tamayouz Excellence Award invites architects and designers to submit their ideas to design the Iraqi Pavilion for a global exhibition in Baghdad. 

Architecture Graduation Projects Award


Tamayouz is delighted to invite students of Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning and Landscape Design worldwide to register and submit their Graduation Projects. 

Also named the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture, given to organisations and individuals who have contributed to the advancement of architecture in the Middle East, directly or indirectly. 

The Women in Architecture and Construction Award aims to recognise and celebrate women who have contributed to the built environment throughout NENA region.

Celebrates the achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions towards humanity and the advancement of architecture and the built environment.

The Special Recognition Award aims to celebrate and recognise contributions towards humanity and architecture, it is presented to individuals or organisations.

Dia Al-azzawi Prize for Public art


Dia al-Azzawi Prize for Public Art is part of the Tamayouz Award’s programme of championing and celebrating the built and urban environment worldwide.

Tamayouz Excellence Award invites artists, photographers and designers worldwide to register and submit their posters for 2nd International Poster Exhibition “IRAQ 2003: 20 Years Later”.


Tamayouz Excellence Award Launches the 2024 Dewan Award for Architecture

Participate in the 2024 Dewan Award for Architecture, a collaborative initiative by Tamayouz Excellence Award and Dewan Architects + Engineers. This competition focuses on the architectural conceptualisation of the Iraq pavilion, reflecting Iraq’s cultural depth. Access submission criteria and contribute to academic and professional discourse in architecture.

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