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The Iraqi Architecture Award; Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the winners of its local and international awards.

Russian architecture graduate Anna Andronova and Jordanian Noor Marji win the Tamayouz International 2016 Award, Joint Winner. Iraqi graduate Ahmed Bader wins the Tamayouz Iraq 2016. For full announcements go to: Tamayouz International 2016 Full Announcement & Tamayouz Iraq 2016 Full Announcement.

Anna Andronova’s and Noor Marji’s entries won the Tamayouz International Award, an annual international architecture award open to final year students worldwide. Tamayouz International aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education, celebrating the achievements of young architects at an early stage and giving them the opportunity to collaborate and support each other and empowering a generation of young architects to pursue their careers knowing that they can contribute towards the advancement of architecture in their communities.

Anna Andronova a graduate of the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering in Russia, her entry Perpetual Motion – Kazan Hybrid Hub proposes to create a hybrid park which would connect the historical site of the New Tatar Sloboda and green “wedge”. There are instant hotels, repair and parking stations, cargo base, waste recycling plant, trade and recreational spaces dissolved in this park and supplementing each other in a digitally optimized way.

Joint Winner: Anna Andronova – Kazan Hybrid Transportation Hub

Key points in the park are marked with three infrastructural towers: Waste recycling tower, Parking & repairing tower and Cargo tower. Towers’ structural principle is based on tulip, daffodil and lilac flowers respectively, which are the most common plants in local area. Functional and symbolic saturation becomes adequate to its status of the central crossroad. This graduation project was supervised by Ilnar Akhtiamov and Rezeda Akhtiamova

Judging Panel Comment:
“An Extremely daring project that aims to redraw the concept of urban transportation and warps us into the future of an all-connected and accessible urban form. The proposal to redesign the central transportation hub of Kazan and radically break with historical interventions and permanent scars in the urban tissue is very courageous. The proposal shows a strong capacity to frame the narrative in a convincing and thought-provoking set-up, resulting in a dreamlike vision of some future urban generator.”

Noor Marji a graduate of the German Jordanian University in Amman, her entry Square One: Urban Library and Learning Centre is located in a vibrant area of downtown Amman, in Ras Al-Ain, right between vibrant edges including Jabal Al-Natheef, Al-Misdar, as well as Saqf Al-Seil which is the main downtown market, the area is packed with cultural and social influences, as well as historical significance. Many challenges were tackled in the site include a steep 35 meter slope, high contrast between adjacent edges, social segregation as well as traditional community values and the need for better educational institutions in the area, as the existing ones were in a below-average condition.

Joint Winner: Noor Marji – Square One – Urban Library and Learning Centre

​“SQUARE ONE” is an experience that reimagines the educational process and invokes change in the existing system through a progression of spaces, levels, and activities that challenge societal norms and aim to integrate the surrounding society by redefining the role of the library of the 21st century not as a collection of books, but as a collection of people, communities, and experiences. This graduation project was supervised by Tha’er Quba’a.

Joint Winner: Noor Marji – Square One – Urban Library and Learning Centre

Judging Panel Comment
“An impressive and provocative solution, not only for a very sensitive and difficult area in downtown Amman but also a bold attempt to reshape education through socially and value oriented architectural design. The final design is a convincing public space and public venue that will immensely contribute to the liveability of the neighbourhood, providing schools, library, sports facilities and a large amount of public space. The building could become a social connector and social catalyst for change even more than it does already, by examining lateral connections to the site around it.”

Ahmed Bader’s entry won him the Tamayouz Iraq 2016 Award, which aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education, showcasing Iraqi talents, supporting academics’ efforts of advancing architectural education in Iraq, promoting a culture of excellence at an early stage amongst young Iraqis.

Tamayouz Iraq Winner: Ahmed Bader – Babylon 4000

Ahmed Bader a graduate of Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad, his entry Babylon 4000 – Panorama Museum narrates the story of Babylon chronologically in design and illustration throughout the museum which is inspired by the Babylonian Ziggurats. This graduation project was supervised by Dr Saba Sami. Ahmed’s Prize is a scholarship to Study an MSc at the Politecnico di Milano in 2017.

Tamayouz Iraq Winner: Ahmed Bader – Babylon 4000

Judging Panel Comment
“This project proposes a brave new way of visual interaction with Babylon and is commended for its imaginative engagement with the city, the successful design process lead to proper setting of the building on site. The concept of introducing usable areas around a court yard reflecting local identity is a successful design process approach, distribution of spaces and circulation is well addressed.”

Full Tamayouz International Award 2016 Announcement Full Tamayouz Iraq Award 2016 Announcement

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by: Coventry University, Dewan Architects and Engineers, the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, the United Nations Global Compact and Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects.

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