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Tamayouz Excellence Award Unveils 2024 Dewan Award Theme: The Iraq Pavilion for a Global Expo – Bridging Past and Future

The IRAQ Pavilion for a Global Expo – A Canvas for Mesopotamia.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is proud to announce the theme of the 2024 Dewan Award for Architecture, The Iraq Pavilion for a global expo, reflecting and celebrating the legacy of Mesopotamia as a beacon of innovation, art, architecture, and ambition while envisioning a promising future.

The Iraq Pavilion shall be a realm that celebrates the achievements of Iraqi people through all ages, fostering connections in an era where bridges are the foundation of diplomacy to build future global relationships.

This year, the Dewan Award for Architecture seeks a stand-out idea delivered through a holistic design approach – across multiple disciplines.

The detailed Competition Brief will be unveiled later on the official launch scheduled in December 2023.

Until then, you can still submit for the 2023 Dewan Award for Architecture and its New Basra Waterfront competition. 

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