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Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the winners of the Dewan Award for Architecture and its 2018 theme, “School in the Iraqi Marshes”. The Dewan Award is the newest prize to join the Tamayouz Excellence Awards programme that champions and celebrates the best of architecture in Iraq and around the world.

The award is named after Dewan Architects + Engineers, one of the world’s most established and leading architecture firms, particularly to emerge from the Middle East. The Dewan Award is a international award that seeks to recognise design proposals that respond to local challenges in Iraq.

For its inaugural cycle, participants were asked to design a primary school in the long-forgotten area of Iraq’s marshlands, taking into account the limitations of the area and the ecological impact of construction on the natural environment and its fauna. The challenge was to design a six-class primary school to serve the nearby villages and provide them with modern amenities. The first year witnessed the participation of 137 design studios, individuals and universities from 37 countries.

The first year witnessed the participation of 137 design studios, individuals and universities from 37 countries.

The winning entries were selected unanimously by the Tamayouz Excellence Award – Dewan Award judging panel, which included: Professor Jala Makhzoumi, academic and researcher at the American University of Beirut; Professor Matteo Poli, academic and researcher at Polytechnic University of Milan; Professor Felipe Samaran Salo, director of the architecture department at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid; Ammar Khammash, award-winning Jordanian architect and director of Ammar Khammash Architects in Amman; Fernando Olba, director of Fernando Olba Arquitectura y Urbanismo in Valencia; Manhal Habbobi, director of Manhal Habbobi Consultants in Istanbul; and Mohamed Al Assam, founder and managing partner at Dewan Architects + Engineers.

The Winners
First Place: Neda Karimzadeh, Marjan Zaredehnavi, Ehsan Kazerooni and Amirreza Fathollahi
Iran – Tehran

Judging Panel Comment:
“This environmental proposal is based on thorough research, and comes complete with a sufficient set of drawings. Featuring interesting and well-scaled inner spaces, with successful transitions between indoors and outdoors, the project offers a flexible and modular design that could be built easily and expanded to accommodate future growth.

We commend the innovative use of materials and the 3D visuals, which helped show how the design considers humanity and refrains from being a pretentious solution.”

First Place: Neda Karimzadeh, Marjan-Zaredehnavi, Ehsan-Kazerooni and Amirreza-Fathollahi, Tehran.

Second Place: Sameh Zayed, Nader Moro and Mostafa Ahmed
Egypt – Giza

Judging Panel Comment:
“We enjoy the simplicity of this design, and the way the various components relate to each other. The project features beautiful shaded walkways, an intelligent use of building materials, and affordable construction. Together, these elements support the project’s strong rural character, which is quite responsive to the local environment.

The jury was also pleased with the design’s clear grid, earthy design and elegant layout.”

Second Place: Sameh Zayed, Nader Moro and Mostafa Ahmed, Giza.

Third Place: Noor Marji
Jordan – Amman

Judging Panel Comment:
“This project has a commendable approach to building due to its intelligent use of construction techniques, which can be developed locally. The facade’s sensitive colour and material palette and the intimacy of the classrooms create a very warm, friendly and human environment.

The project is environmentally successful, and its layout is powerful and simple.”

Third Place: Noor Marji, Amman.

Honourable Mentions
Honourable Mention – Nikolai Mina and Lady Roxanne Mina

Judging Panel Comment:
“We enjoyed the modularity of this project, as it allows the capacity of the school to adjust according to its needs

There were a number of elements that we found to have great impact, such as the dynamic uses of roof space and the sensitive scale of the project. The designer’s thorough environmental analysis also helped create a comfortable micro-climate.”

Honourable Mention – Nikolai Mina and Lady Roxanne Mina, Singapore.

Honourable Mention – Pietro Paolo Speziale and Mohamed Hassan El-Gendy
Italy – Verona

Judging Panel Comment:
“A strength of this project is its innovative treatment of the harbour, which creates a beautiful waterfront and highlights the project’s sensitivity to the marshlands. We commend the gathering of the school’s functions into two components, which leaves a comforting void space.

We appreciate the integration of the wetlands and waterbodies into this project’s proposal, as it promotes interaction between the school and the environment.”

Honourable Mention – Pietro Paolo Speziale and Mohamed Hassan El-Gendy, Verona.

Honourable Mention – EVA ARCHITECTS
Team members: Alan Wang, Cen-Li, Nicole-Wu, Xin-Wang and Isaac Fung
China – Shanghai

Judging Panel Comment:
“We commend this project for its successful use of water purification and for its consideration of the local economy by potentially offering a source of income for the community. We also find the simple design of the individual buildings to be visually beautiful.”

Honourable Mention – Osama Rahahleh
Jordan – Amman

Judging Panel Comment:
“A distinguishing trait of this project was its consideration of the various modes of transportation used by the inhabitants of the area, which includes boats and cars, and accommodates them through its design. The project also features a successful combination of materials, great layout and a solid balance between open and closed spaces. There is a real sense of hierarchy of the spaces.”

Honourable Mention – Ibrahim Nart and Ömer Varol
Turkey – Istanbul

Judging Panel Comment:
“We commend this project’s layout and its use of open-air classrooms, which was a unique quality of this proposal. We also appreciated the designers’ analytical approach and presented analysis.”

Honourable Mention – Ibrahim Nart and Ömer Varol, Istanbul.

Honourable Mention – Benaa Foundation
Team members: Ahmed Abdulhakeem, ِAya t’allah Nasr, Abdelrahman Elhiatmy and Neda Hany
Egypt – Cairo

Judging Panel Comment:
“The project’s floor plans were refreshing, and helped us understand its sense of identity. We appreciate the thorough research from the team, as it is greatly reflected in the final design its ability to work with and complement its surroundings.”

Honourable Mention – Benaa Foundation Team members: Ahmed Abdulhakeem, ِAya t’allah Nasr, Abdelrahman Elhiatmy and Neda Hany, Cairo.

Honourable Mention – Offshore Studio
Team members: Paisios Skitini, Irene Evgeniou
Cyprus – Nicosia

Judging Panel Comment:
“This project displays a nice botanical-inspired design, and a recognisable modularity. The inner spaces are also interesting and create a series of unique experiences.”

The chairman and managing director of Dewan Architects + Engineers, Mohamed Al Assam, said:
“Our sincerest congratulations to the winners. We are thrilled with the outstanding success of the inaugural cycle of the Dewan Award and the incredible participation of more than 130 design studios and individuals. We chose the theme of “School in the Iraqi Marshes” to create international awareness and attract architects to the growing environmental and social dilemma facing this region. Iraq needs thousands of schools to be built, and the current situation in the marshlands is of utmost urgence. We were pleased to see competition entries presenting practical and suitable schemes that can be implemented and replicated. Our gratitude goes to those who entered the competition and considered architectural solutions that could positively impact the lives of many.

The winner selected by the judging panel will receive a 6 month employment at Dewan Architects + Engineers, Renewable to 12 months and If for any reason this cannot be achieved then a sum of $5000 will be presented. Second Prize winner will receive $2000 and Third Prize winner will receive a $1000. An invitation to attend the Tamayouz Award Annual Ceremony for the Top 20 shortlist, the Top 3 winners will have their Flight and Accommodation costs covered by the organisers of the prize; Tamayouz Excellence Award, ​the award ceremony will be held in December 2018 in Amman – Jordan where an exhibition of the entries will be held and the 2019 theme of the prize will be announced.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by: Dewan Architects + Engineers, the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Coventry University, the United Nations Global Compact, Tradex Global ltd, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects and IDP Group – Coventry.

For More Information on Dewan Award: www.Dewan-Award.com

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