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Our sponsors sustain Tamayouz Excellence Award and affirm support for the excellence culture we strive for. Funding for Tamayouz Excellence Award comes from academic institutions, foundations, international organisations and architecture firms. A number of donor companies have partnered with us, making generous commitments to help materialise our mission. In 2015 a CSR Board (Corporate Social Responsibility Board) was established to further link Tamayouz to the community and industry. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter of Tamayouz Excellence Award, please send an email here and our team will get in touch.

We are honoured to have the support of organisations whose belief in corporate social responsibility helps change lives.

Diamond Sponsors

Coventry University - United Kingdom

Coventry University’s roots can be traced back to 1843 to the Coventry School of Design, which subsequently became known as the Coventry College of Art in 1954. Today, Coventry University is the UK’s leading ‘modern university’, with over 28,000 students and a robust academic presence regionally, nationally and across the world.

Dewan Architects + Engineers - UAE

Dewan Architects + Engineers has been leading the evolution of the Middle East’s booming architectural and engineering design sector for almost three decades. Its founder and current chairman and managing director, Mohamed Al Assam, established the inaugural Dewan office in Abu Dhabi in 1984 and successfully completed Dewan’s first high-rise commercial project, Baniyas Tower, in 1988, which cemented Dewan’s presence as a major player in the regional architectural scene. In 1999, Dewan’s Dubai design studio was launched and it has rapidly become a prominent and integral contributor to the emirate’s iconic skyline.

Iraqi Business Council in Jordan - Jordan

The Iraqi Business Council (IBC) was established by highly qualified, elite Iraqi businessmen who undertook the task of establishing the organisation. Since its procession in early 2007, IBC restricted its activities to adopt methods fortifying Iraqi investments in Jordan, resolving all defiances; generated novel and unique means to enhance and develop the economic, trade and investment cooperation between Iraq and Jordan; and sought opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq. It has also outreached its activities to several social and humanitarian spheres of action aiming at providing support to the people of Iraq, in and outside of the country.

Oman Society of Engineers - Oman

Oman Society of Engineers (OSE) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established in 2002. 
OSE seeks to advance all matters related to engineers and the engineering profession, which ultimately contributes to the development of Oman. OSE is an umbrella for all engineering disciplines and both Omani and expatriate engineers working in Oman.

Mohamed Makiya Charity - United Kingdom

The Mohamed Makiya Charity is named after Dr Mohamed Makiya (1914 – 2015), a prolific Iraqi architect and the recipient of the inaugural Tamayouz Architectural Lifetime Achievement award for the impact of his celebrated and lasting contribution to Iraqi architecture, his role in the establishment of the Baghdad School of Architecture and his mentoring of generations of aspiring Iraqi architects.

Gold Sponsors

TKH Universities - Egypt

The Knowledge Hub Universities is a multidisciplinary educational hub hosting branches of world-class universities, each to participate with undergraduate courses in their areas of strength, providing an intellectually stimulating, enriching, and credible educational experience.

Silver Sponsors

Bonair - United Kingdom

Bonair designs, builds, installs and maintains expertly engineered, bespoke air conditioning systems for commercial or industrial premises of any scale or complexity. Bonair designers and engineers are particularly experienced at working alongside architects and interior designers to produce the best possible solution for new-build or renovation projects. It is a firm of qualified and experienced professionals who believe that design, attention to detail, quality of product and exhaustive testing must always be the fundamental concepts in any project.

United Nations Global Compact Network - Iraq

The Global Compact Iraq Network was established in October 2011 as an initiative of UNDP and the Government of Iraq Council of Ministers (COMSEC). The number of UN Global Compact participants in Iraq increased significantly in the months before and after the launch of the network, resulting in a 400% increase in 2011 alone. The network Steering Committee was elected through a transparent and democratic election process, taking into consideration criteria of inclusiveness by sector, geographic location and gender.

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