Tamayouz Excellence Award

“I am delighted to be a judge of the Tamayouz Award. There is a new, invigorated ethos of worldwide collaboration within architecture; a truly collective research culture where many contributions and innovations feed into each other. Talents flourish in this global movement and the Tamayouz Award will further link Iraq’s architects with this international community.” Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE – 2012

Meet Our Family

The Tamayouz family is made up of our fantastic volunteers, who represent the programme where ever they are in the world – they help us spread the mission. Our family includes our sponsors, who are the backbone of Tamayouz, and who have enabled us to reach more than 54 countries in 2017; our wide advisory board, who have helped us grow; our jury panel, the pride and soul of the awards and one of the finest in the field of architecture; and of course, our winners and ambassadors who represent Tamayouz Excellence Award all over the world.

Tamayouz Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board

Angela Brady OBE

Prof. Khaled Alsultany

Academic, Architect and Historian

Dr Amila Naji

Academic Chair – UNGC IRAQ
Associate Professor – Mustaniriya University

Saad Naji​

Deputy Chairman & Secretary
Iraqi Business Council in Jordan

Ayad Al-Tuhafi

Owner and Director
Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects

Mohamed Al-Assam

Chairman and Managing Director
​Dewan Architects + Engineers

Barbara Howell​

Associate Dean International
​Coventry University

Steve Austin

Head of School – Energy Construction and Environment – Coventry University

Lidia Bombin Martinez

International Operation Manager
​Coventry University

Tamayouz Excellence Award Coordinators

Our awards, departments & regions' coordinators


Art Department

Hadeel Safaa Sadoon​

Yasmin Salah

Marketing and PR

Abeer Al-Naib

Award Ceremony

Tamayouz Support Team - Iraq

Tamayouz's support team in Iraq oversees the public engagement and dissemination of the award in Iraqi universities and the wider community

University of Al-Muthanna

Salahaddin University

Wasit university

Mohammed Samir

Al-Farabi University

Samarra University

Al-Farabi University

University of Mosul

Cihan University Sulaymania

Nahrain University

Sharq J. Alyassry​

University of Baghdad

Koya University

University of Sulaimani

Safa Aubaid Khaiun

Dr Haider Naji Attia

University of Kerbala

Mustansiriyah University

Do you want to be part of this family and get involved by volunteering? Talk to us, we would be happy to add a new member to our family and bridge more cultures.

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