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Tamayouz 2nd International Poster Exhibition – Winners Announcement

Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the competition results of the Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later, the 2nd International Poster Exhibition organised by Tamayouz Excellence Award.

The exhibition is in remembrance of this pivotal event in Iraq’s modern history, as Iraqis and the whole world remember scenes of US forces invading the heart of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on the 9th of April 2003.

The exhibition aims to present the artistic visions that deal with this transformation in the art of posters to symbolise the radical changes that Iraq has gone through in its political, economic, artistic, and cultural structures. And how society witnessed successive changes in all aspects of life.

The founding Director of Tamayouz Excellence Award, Ahmed Al-Mallak said: “Participation in poster designs through a creative and artistic journey of this kind is an exceptional documentation and a moral responsibility that indicates the critical role of artists and their vision of what happened to Iraq by preserving memory, learning from the profound lessons of the past and their effects on the future of Iraq.”

The winners were selected by jury members, who met remotely in September 2023. The judges this year were:

  • Dia Azzawi: Artist – Iraq/UK
  • Ahmed Mallak: Academic and Founder of Tamayouz Excellence Award – Iraq/UK
  • Modhir Ahmed: Visual Artist – Iraq/Spain
  • Amar Dawod: Artist – Iraq/Sweden
  • Mahmoud Obaidi: Artist – Canada
  • Bashar Shamil: Visual Artist and Academic at the University of Technology in Baghdad – Iraq

The jury selected 59 posters out of 247 submitted from 53 countries worldwide to be exhibited, in addition to selecting the Top 3 winners of the competition and 7 Highly commended posters.
The Prizes
The First prize: $1500
The Second prize: $1000
The Third Prize: $500.

The winners of the Tamayouz 2nd International Poster Exhibition

“Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later”

The winners of the Tamayouz 2nd International Poster Exhibition “Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later” are:

The First Prize Winner
Victor Manuel Santos Gally – Mexico

The joint Second Prize Winners
Zlatan Dryanov – Bulgaria

Xuwei Zhang – China
Each of the joint winners will receive the full prize amount, $1000

The Third Prize winner
Resul Ay – Türkiye

The Highly commended artworks of the Tamayouz 2nd International Poster Exhibition

“Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later”

The Highly commended Posters (In alphabetical order):

Abolfazl Khosravi – Iraq

Daniel Meier – Germany

Faten Issa – UAE

Hakam Natiq M. Alkattib – Iraq

José Isaac Cortés López – Mexico

Peng Sun – China

Zhang Minglei – China

In his commentary on the exhibition posters, artist Dia Al-Azzawi expressed, “Participation in this exhibition showcased diverse techniques and methods. Some adhered to familiar conventions, while others marked a noteworthy evolution in artistic traditions, executed at the highest professional standards. The jury’s careful selection process highlighted the value of concise composition while ensuring that the chosen works effectively conveyed their intended messages, facilitating immediate viewer engagement. This fundamental aspect of successful and impactful design is evident in these posters.”

Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later exhibition will be held in Baghdad at the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association headquarters in Al-Mansour on Saturday and Sunday, October 21 and 22. The exhibition will also be held in Amman at the Hall of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan in November 2023.

Selected works to be exhibited at the International Poster Exhibition “Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later” are:

Bransha Gautier

Rafidul Alam Shimul

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Milica Mikus

Zlatan Dryanov

Wei Su
Qahtan Alameen

Peng Sun
Xuwei Zhang
Hu Kaifu + Ren Zhiqi          
Jiasui Cai      
Xu Kai
Yubin Zhou   
Yankun Wang          
Zhang Minglei          

Hernán Bello

Mona Abd Elsalam Hasan

Daniel Meier
Burouj Basil

Lajos Nagy   

Eston Kamelang Mauleti
Alex Pracaya

Abolfazl Khosravi
Emran Abtahi
Rana Bazzazi Motlaq
Vahid Zaman
Yaser Ghader + Sheyda Fallahi   

Hakam Natiq M. Alkattib
Yasir Jamal 
Hussein Nasser Ibrahim
Lwaa Shams Aldeen          
Raqee S. Najmuldeen      
Thabet S Sultan
Yahya Ali Mohammed Hamandi
Ghaith Mohammad
Hussein Ali Abd Ali Al-Shamary

Francesco Mazzenga         

Tetsuro Minorikawa

Victor Manuel Santos Gally
Salome Hernandez Martinez
Jean Paul Krammer
Ulises Ortiz Castillo
Jorge Alberto González Arce
José Isaac Cortés López
Kaled Avila   

Adham Jamal Abd Al Aziz Bouziya
Lena Lahalih
Belal Herbawi          

Lex Drewinski
Pawel Pacholec

Ovidiu Petca


Christoph Stettler    

Nihat Dursun
Remiz AKIN
Mediha Esmeray
Resul Ay

United Arab Emirates
Faten Issa

United States of America
Ramia Mahood Ahmed

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