Tamayouz Excellence Award

Tamayouz Award Consultants

Tamayouz prides itself with a strong panel of consultants who help us ensure the constant quality improvement and future development of the award, this panel comprises of Academics, Architects and Engineers who continuously give us technical and academic support.

We are proud to introduce Tamayouz Award Consultants:

–          Dr Amila Naji PhD – Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant, Iraq

–          Dr Mustafa Kamil PhD – Academic Consultant, Iraq

–          Ahmed Al-Azzawi Msc – Architectural Consultant, United Kingdom

–          Alfred Gand Msc – Academic Consultant, United kingdom

–          Ben Matlby MSc – Academic Consultant, United Kingdom

–          John Ironman Msc – Academic Consultant, United Kingdom

–          Mairead Ellen Douglas – International Relations Consultant, United Kingdom

–          Ossaid Aleitan MSc – Architectural Consultant, Jordan 

–          Turath Jamil Msc – Architectural Consultant, France 

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