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Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the winners of the third cycle of the Tamayouz International Graduation Projects Award, the world’s largest international award for architecture graduation projects. Every year, the award invites students of architecture, urban design and planning, and landscape design around the world to submit their graduation projects.


The Tamayouz International Award aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education by celebrating the achievements of young architects and giving them the opportunity to collaborate and support each other. The award further hopes to empower the next generation of architects by encouraging them to pursue their careers with the confidence that they can contribute toward the advancement of architecture in their communities.

For its third cycle, the award witnessed an overwhelming participation of 587 graduates from 164 universities and 74 countries. While 50 entries were longlisted, 20 entries were shortlisted.

The eight-member jury panel for the 2018 Tamayouz International Award included: Ayad Al Tuhafi, owner and director of Ayad Al Tuhafi Architects in England; Firas Hnoosh, design director of architecture at Perkins+Will in the UAE; Claudia Linders, dean of architecture at Fontys Academy in the Netherlands; Jerome Goyard, senior architect at Fevre Gaucher Architects and Urbanists in France, Lucelia Rodriguiz, associate professor and Resilient Cities research lead at the University of Nottingham in England; Philip Michael Wolfson, director of Philip Michael Wolfson Design Studio in England; Sebastian Hicks, course director of architecture at Coventry University in England; and Dr Carl Fraser, researcher and academic also at Coventry University.

The members of the judging panel were selected for their expertise and experience, ensuring a wide range of disciplines in architecture, landscape, urbanism, engineering and art were represented. Held on 3 October, 2018 at the Engineering, Environment and Computing Building at Coventry University in Coventry, England. The one-day event provided an exceptional opportunity for interactive discussion and constructive debate, which culminated in selecting the winner of this year’s cycle, which was followed by a critical discussion regarding the award’s assessment criteria and recommendations for the 2019 edition of the Tamayouz International Graduation Projects Award.

The winners of Tamayouz International Award 2018
The winners’ selection and ranking are based on the judging panel’s unanimous decision on all entries.

The winner
The first prize winner of Tamayouz Excellence Award’s International Graduation Projects Award 2018 is Federico Fauli from the Architectural Association in London. His winning graduation project, “A new form of public space, conceived as a cross-breed between a time-city archive and a street market”, was supervised by Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Ga Grinda. Federico’s prize is a MSc Scholarship for two Years at the Polytechnic University of Milan sponsored by the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan

Judging Panel Comment:
“This project is a new imaginative architectural language — an unorthodox, beautifully illustrated, process-driven urban proposal that results in a controversial cultural artefact. This project stretches the boundaries of the architectural domain and questions the assumed temporality of architectural expression. Here, the history of architecture meets pop culture.”

Second Place
The second prize goes to Sol María Calcarami, Nadia Borri and Consuelo Oyola from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina for their graduation project “Social Integration Center for minors who broke the law”. This graduation project was supervised by Javier Giorgis.

Judging Panel Comment:
“This is a fully architecturally declared new model within an evolved and reinvented typology. It is an ambitious study of the resolution of a given set of problems, beautiful drawings and well chosen site and integration. A new cultural experiment with scope for further application.”

Third Place
The third prize goes to Yasmina Aslakhanova, Ivan Marchuk and Victoria Tsukerman from the Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) in Moscow, Russia for their graduation project “Reincarnation Network, Mumbai Mixed Housing”, which was supervised by Alksey Shutikov.

Judging Panel Comment:
“This project is an ambitious colourful additive approach to urban design, an interesting experimentation in the standardisation and customisation of the urban landscape. The sequential stages in time and space could be further developed. This remains a provocative study.”

Honourable Mentions
Honourable Mention: Peijun Yao from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, for her graduation project, “Urban design of children’s places in informal settlements: A case in Mathare Valley”, supervised by Ali Madanipour.

Judging Panel Comment:
“This was a strong participative project with a thorough examination of the site that gives voice to a population who would not usually participate in urban dialogue. The architectural interventions could be further developed.”

Honourable Mention: Jirair Maghakian from the Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon for his graduation project, “Archaeologist’s Station”. Jirair’s work was supervised by Marwan Zouein.

Judging Panel Comment:
The relevance to a landscape of endangered heritage is commendable. A very sensitive proposal and design that is beautifully drawn; however, the design outcome could be further developed.”

Honourable Mention: Didem Senyurt from ENSA Paris Malaquais, France for her “Arctic Geomicrobiology Research Center”. Didem’s work was supervised by Jean François Coulais.

Judging Panel Comment:
“Very poetic with a delicate visual identity, this project offers a captivating programme identified with potential relevance for emerging challenges. Vision for the distant future is reflected through this architectural project. The materiality of the architecture is intangible.”

Honourable Mention: Alberto Carbonell from the Universidad de Alicante in Alicante, Spain for his “Landscape Regeneration” graduation project supervised by Ivan Capdevila.

Judging Panel Comment:
“A fabulously illustrated exotic project that allows us to dream – a provocative Breugelesque vision with a strong jury-splitting polemic.”

Honourable Mention: Ana Carolina Isaía, Maria Emilia Darricades and Tomas Quaglia from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina for their graduation project, “SUQUIA – Urban River Restoration”, supervised by Agustin Berzero.

Judging Panel Comment:
“The students carried out a thorough investigation on this project which is clearly an impressive urban landscape proposal. This project would benefit from a more challenging programme with greater specificity.”

Honourable Mention: Nabila Ferdousi from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh for her project, “NAGAR KASHBA _ an Atlas of Cultural Heritage: Rejuvenation through interweaving the past, present and future”, which was supervised by Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed and Maherul Kader Prince.

Judging Panel Comment:
“This project features impressive mapping of the existing urban condition and a skilful level of detail within a series of carefully considered urban interventions. Addressing the level of the housing density could be further developed.”

Honourable Mention: Caleb Ong from Taylor’s University School of Architecture, Building and Design Segambut in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for his graduation project “The Unending Square: Disjunction and Cospacing for Coworking”. This project was supervised by Ar. Lee Cherng Yih.

Judging Panel Comment:
“There is a striking diagrammatic language created within an urban analysis. It could be more fully translated into an architectural solution with material declaration.”

The Tamayouz International Architecture School of the Year Award
The Tamayouz Architecture School of 2018 Award goes to the National University of Cordoba (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) which is responsible for two entries in the shortlist: the second place winner and an honourable mention.

Tamayouz Excellence Award founder, Ahmed Al-Mallak said:
“Our warmest congratulations to the winners, supervisors, honourable mentions and architecture schools for their outstanding achievements in the Tamayouz International Award 2018. Many of the projects in our Top 50 list represent a new generation of young inspiring architects, and address local and global challenges.We look forward to the day where we see them positively transforming their communities”.

The prizes for the 2018 Tamayouz International Award are:
1st Prize: An MSc Scholarship for two years at the University Polytechnic of Milan + Flight and Accommodation for Ceremony + Tamayouz Medal + Certificate.

2nd Prize: Travel and International Design Workshop Scholarship + Flight and Accommodation for Ceremony + Tamayouz Medal + Certificate.

3rd Prize: Travel and International Design Workshop Scholarship + Flight and Accommodation for Ceremony + Tamayouz Medal + Certificate.

Honourable Mentions: Certificates.

Tamayouz Supervisor of the Year: Given to the supervisor of the winning project or the supervisor with the most entries supervised in the Top 10. Prize is a Tamayouz Medal + Certificate.

Tamayouz University of the Year: Given to the university of the winning project or the university with the most entries in the Top 10. Prize is a Tamayouz Medallion.

This award and the meeting for the judges was made possible through the support of our generous sponsors: The Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Coventry University, Dewan Architects +Engineers, the United Nations Global Compact, Tradex Global ltd, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects and IDP Group – Coventry.

Worthy of mention, the 2016 winners were Anna Andronova (Russia) and Noor Marji (Jordan) and the 2017 winner of the award was Nishat Tasnim (Bangladesh).

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