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Public talks, conferences and live sessions

Tamayouz organises public talks, conferences and live sessions that connect our network of architects and academics with students and the general public, sharing information and exchanging knowledge. These events have occurred all over the world, from Milan to Alexandria, Amman to Coventry.

Virtual | 2020

In 2020, Tamayouz Excellence Award organised 7 virtual talks  in Arabic language, covering a wide range of subjects related to architecture graduation projects. 

Amman | 2019

In December 2019, following the annual award ceremony, Tamayouz held its Design Talks event – a multi-day public talk programme that brought together the many architects, academics, judges, students and finalists of the Tamayouz award programme with the general public. The speakers presented their works, topics of interest and research, and engaged with one another about the fields in which they work, shedding light on challenges, strategies and successes. The event ran for three days and was held in various venues across Amman.

Coventry | 2019

Following the annual jury meeting in October 2019, Tamayouz organised a public conference that was aired live on Facebook. Speakers included shortlisted finalists, such as the UK-based author, educator and designer Eric Broug, Amsterdam-based architects Prisca Arosio and Claudia Linders, Greek architects Konstantinos and Stefanos Adamakis, and others.

Alexandria | 2019

In August 2019, Tamayouz partnered with the Society of Egyptian Architects, Kufa Makiya Charity and the Knowledge Hub Universities to organise a one-day conference where some of our judges spoke about their careers, approach to practice and Tamayouz’s Women in Architecture and Construction Award. The conference was held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and also included a panel discussion in addition to the individual presentations. The speakers were Palestinian architect and author Suad Amiry, Iraqi architect and academic Dr Jala Makhzoumi, Palestinian architect and academic Nadia Habash, and Egyptian architect and academic Dr Ebtissam Moustapha.

Amman | 2018

In December 2018, Tamayouz partnered with Amman-based design publication Interior PH for a series of talks at Marriott Hotel in Amman sponsored by RANCO Holdings. The speakers were renowned regional architects Dr Rasem Badran, Maath Alousi and Suad Amiry, who discussed their work and thought. The event ended in a panel discussion hosted by Omani radio show host Ali Jaffar Al-Lawati.

Milan | 2017

In May of 2017, Tamayouz partnered with Politecnico di Milano’s School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering for a one-day conference that discussed Tamayouz’s international programme as well as topical presentations about the field of architecture. Speakers included Valencia-based architect Fernando Olba, who spoke about Tamayouz’s jury, and UK-based multidisciplinary design Philip Michael Wolfson, who spoke on influences and the early work of Zaha Hadid. There was also a panel discussion and severl others who spoke

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