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Dr Mohamed Makiya acceptance speech for the Inaugural Tamayouz Lifetime Achievement Award – 2014

Tamayouz Excellence Award launches its newest architectural prize; The Mohamed Makiya Medal Prize, the prize will be given to the architectural personality of the year
Mohamed Makiya Medal Prize is the newest prize to be established as part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award’s program of championing and celebrating the best of Iraqi Architecture. The award is named after Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya the great Iraqi architect whose influence and importance is far greater than his built work, the award was announced in March 2014 during the Tamayouz Excellence Award Annual Ceremony , marking the 100th birthday of Dr Mohamed Makiya.

Every year the prize will be presented to the architectural personality of the year, which will be the individual/organisation that has made the greatest contribution to the advancement of Iraqi architecture in the past year. The winner of this award will be celebrated during the annual Tamayouz Excellence Award Ceremony.

Dr Mohamed Makiya who received this year the inaugural Tamayouz Lifetime Achievement award was delighted with the idea of The Mohamed Makiya Prize and said:
” Tamayouz is the first of its kind in Iraq and I wish Tamayouz to take a vital role in the future on many levels; architecturally and culturally”.

This award has been established with the support of Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya.

The Mohamed Makiya Medal Prize is open to both individuals and organisations who promoted, encouraged, campaigned or influenced directly or indirectly the advancement of architecture.

The nominations are open to:
1- Organisation of any type: Governmental Organisations, Non-Governmental organisations, Academic Institutions, cultural centres, unions and private companies/firms architectural and eningeering or non-architectural.

2- Individuals of any occupation that have direct or indirect influence, achievement or contribution to the advancement of architecture such as: Architects, designers, clients, engineers, educators, journalists, government employees, activists, planners, conservation specialists, students, curators and organisations’ owners/director and other occupations.

1- Recognise and celebrate contribution made to the evolution of architecture in Iraq.

2- Promoting architectural excellence

3- Encourage individuals and organisations to contribute to the built environment or the profession of architecture in Iraq.

4- Annually celebrate the importance and influence of Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya through a prize in his name.

Selection criteria
The winner will be selected by the Mohamed Makiya Medal Prize judging panel, the selection will be based on the achievement or contribution made to Iraqi architecture in the past year, achievements or contributions include (but not limited to): the promotion of excellence in architecture, research with impact, publication, built projects, winning design competitions, activity in a certain field such as conservation, planning, campaigning, building regulations, services to the built environment, educational contribution, services/contribution to the community, institutional excellence for organisations and institutions working in the built environment.

to nominate and individual or organisation, please send us an email to: contact@m3maree.com with subject (The Mohamed Makiya Prize), make sure to include the name of the person/ organisation you are nominating and the reason for nomination.

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