Tamayouz Excellence Award

Tamayouz Special Recognition

The Tamayouz Special Recognition Award which aims to celebrate and recognise contributions towards humanity, architecture and the built environment is presented annually to individuals or organisations.

Tamayouz Special Recognition - 2020

Professor Alastair Northedge

Alastair Northedge, a Paris-based British professor, researcher and archaeologist best known for his surveys of Abbasid Samarra, Iraq.  The Samarra survey that started in 1983, was the first time that it has been possible to catalogue nearly all the buildings of one of the world’s largest ancient cities, from the caliph palaces to the smallest hovels

Northedge, the third recipient of the award, has, since the early 1970s, been integral to explorative digs of historical sites in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, publishing his and his team’s findings in titles such as: Excavations at Ana, Qal’a Island (1988), Studies on Roman and Islamic Amman (1993), Entre Amman et Samarra: l’archéologie et les élites au début de l’Islam (VIIe-IXe siècles) (2000), as well as the landmark publications, The Historical Topography of Samarra, Samarra Studies I (2005) and the tripartite Archaeological Atlas of Samarra, Samarra Studies II (2015).

Throughout his work, Northedge strives to identify and explain early Islamic architectural complexes, as well as well-preserved urban complexes, highlighting the great material civilisation of Arab-Islamic cultures.

Tamayouz Special Recognition - 2019

Changing Lives Program - Jordan

The Changing Lives Program, founded by Dr Majid AlSadi and run by the Majid AlSadi Charity Foundation, was the 2019 recipient of Tamayouz’s Special Recognition award for its commitment to empowering the youth and bridging cultures.

The Changing Lives Program works to bring youth from all over the world together, enabling them to exchange knowledge, and gain a deeper understanding of cultures, people and history from different parts of the world. Through the program, hundreds of lives have been changed for the better.

The award was announced at the 2019 annual award ceremony, and Dr Majid AlSadi accepted the award saying, “We hope to continue with this program for the benefit of the youth”.

Tamayouz Special Recognition - 2018

Abdul Latif Al-Jiblawi House in ​Alsamawa - Iraq

In recognition of an exemplar collaboration between the client, the local architecture school and the consulting architect, resulting in the successful documentation and rehabilitation of a traditional house in the city of Samawa.

The special recognition is presented to Abdul latal-jiblawi house and the project’s team:

  • The Client: Mr Abdul Latif Al-Jiblawi
  • Documentation: Department of Architecture at Muthanna University
  • Consulting Architect: Mr Mohamed Shakir

The recognition was announced during the annual ceremony and presented by Dr Rasem Badran, who said: “The recognition of this collaboration and such initiative is the most important award will be given today”.