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In the ‘Meet Our Sponsors’ series, Tamayouz Excellence Award shares more insight into who its sponsors are. Here, we speak with Louay Yousif Atrakchi about the partnership between Tamayouz and Bonair Ltd, a silver sponsor. A silver sponsor of Tamayouz Excellence Award, UK-based Bonair Ltd designs, builds, installs and maintains expertly engineered, bespoke air conditioning systems for commercial or industrial premises of any scale or complexity. Bonair Ltd’s designers and engineers are particularly experienced at working alongside architects and interior designers to produce the best possible solution for new-build or renovation projects. It is a firm of qualified and experienced professionals who believe that design, attention to detail, quality of product and exhaustive testing must always be the fundamental concepts in any project.

Bonair Ltd has been a silver sponsor of Tamayouz since 2016. Here, Tamayouz speaks with its director Louay Yousif Atrakchi about the company’s partnership with Tamayouz.

Louay Yousif Atrakchi, director of Bonair Ltd, during Tamayouz’s annual ceremony 2020

Why did you choose to support Tamayouz?
The decision to support Tamayouz was taken without much hesitation as Tamayouz ticks many boxes and acts as a catalyst for the development of professional and intellectual intercourse between the information-hungry youth of Iraq and the overwhelming wealth of experience of Iraqi and non-Iraqi professionals.

What is the history between yourself and Tamayouz? 
Tamayouz was introduced to me by my friend, architect Ayad Al-Tuhafi. My first real exposure was when I attended the awards ceremony in the city of Erbil in 2014.

Why is Tamayouz important to you and Bonair Ltd?
For me, the award gives me the opportunity for intellectual interaction with fellow Iraqi and non-Iraqi professionals. For my business, it represents a platform for showcasing our expertise in a field closely related to architecture, namely HVAC and building services engineering.

What do you hope to achieve through your partnership with Tamayouz?
Continued interaction and exposure.

Tell us a bit about Bonair Ltd.
Bonair Ltd is a specialist design and contracting company focusing on the field of airconditioning, ventilation and heat pump heating. Our area of operation is primarily within London; however, for many years Bonair has been involved with operations in Ghana, Nigeria and the Middle East. We have a representative office in Iraq where we service the needs of several industrial sectors.

What work do you have coming up?
Notwithstanding the Covid-19 challenge, our order book seems to be reasonably healthy with a hotel project in central London and several multi housing developments throughout the capital. We are also working on a hospital and hotel project in Accra, Ghana and a multi-storey apartment block in Lagos.

Why do you think it’s important for businesses, institutions or individuals to support Tamayouz?
The youth is our future. If the youth of today are not supported in any way, we have no future.

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