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Rifat Chadirji receives the 2015 Tamayouz Architectural Lifetime Achievement Award

Rifat Chadirji (Left) receiving the Tamayouz Lifetime Achievement Award at his home in London.


The renowned Iraqi architect Rifat Chadirji (1926) has received Iraq’s most prestigious architecture award, the Tamayouz Architectural Lifetime Achievement Award at his home in London, he was presented with the Award by Ahmed Al-Mallak the founder of the award. Professor Michael Fitzpatrick, the Dean of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University (Coventry University; The academic sponsor of the award) has officially announced the judging panel’s selection of Rifat Chadirji.

The Video announcement and the acceptance speech of Rifat Chadirji:

The Tamayouz Architectural Lifetime Achievement Award which aims to celebrate the pioneers of Iraqi architecture, is presented annually to an individual who has had a significant contribution towards the advancement of architecture in Iraq, this award was established as part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award programme of championing and celebrating the best of Iraqi Architecture.

Rifat Chadirji is known as one of the most influential living architects in the Middle East, his designs and writings represent some of the most serious efforts that aim at finding a synthesis between modernity and regionalism in architecture. He contributed to the advancement of architectural thinking and language in the Arab world through his writings and publications. His books are used as architectural and social references, documenting the history of architecture and social life in Iraq.

Rifat Chadirji Co-founded the award winning architectural and engineering practice “Iraqi Consult” that designed national monuments and iconic buildings still defining the skyline of the city of Baghdad, some of Chadirji’s works in Baghdad include:

The Unknown Soldier Monument (1959), the platform and of the “Freedom Monument” (1959) in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, The Central post offices (1970), The Federation of Industries, The Ministers’ Cabinet (1975), the National Insurance company in Mosul and the Rafidain Bank (1969), the Veterinary Hospital (1964), the Academy of Science in Baghdad (1965), the School for Veterinary Medicine in Baghdad (1965-1967), and the Tobacco Monopoly Company building in Baghdad (1966), orphanages in Duhok and Arbil (1969) and the Institute for the Deaf, Mute, and Mentally Challenged (1970), Since 1967, Chadirji’s work has expanded to other Arab states. They include housing complexes in Kuwait (1967-1968), a cinema and office building in Bahrain (1968), for the Dharan Medical Centre and Dental Clinic (1977), and for the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi (1977).

Professor Michael Fitzpatrick the Dean of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University said in his announcement of the award: “Rifat Chadirji’s attempts to finding a synthesis between vernacular architecture and modern technology were the most influential in the Middle East region and he gained international recognition as one of the pioneers of regional architecture of the 20th century.  Rifat’s hard work, dedication, craftsmanship and ideas are a great personal legacy and inspiration to generations of current and future architects.”

Academic and founder of the Tamayouz Excellence Award, Ahmed Al-Mallak said: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate the achievements of Rifat Chadirji, one of the most important architects and theorists in the Middle East who through his works and writings inspired generations of architects in Iraq and the Middle East.  

It is very important for us to highlight the achievements and contributions of both; Rifat Chadirji and Mohamed Saleh Makiya (The Recipient of the Award in 2014) as they represent a golden generation of thinkers, artists, architects and intellectuals who established the foundation a civil modern society in twentieth century Iraq, which at some point was the richest cultural environment in the region.”

In 2014, Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya (1914) received the inaugural Tamayouz Architectural Lifetime Achievement Award. PRESS RELEASE

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by; The Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Coventry University, The United Nations Global Compact, Dewan Architects and Engineers, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects, Al-Dulaimi Business Group, Al-Qabas Economical group and London South Bank University.

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