Tamayouz Excellence Award

Shortlist announced: Tamayouz Excellence Award | Excellence in Graduation Projects

Tamayouz Excellence Award, the Iraqi architecture prize is delighted to announced the shortlist of the “excellence in graduation projects category”, this category aims to recognize design excellence, reward and showcase talented Iraqi architectural students, link Iraqi students with the architectural international community, support academics’ efforts of advancing architectural education in Iraq and to promote a culture of excellence at an early stage amongst young Iraqis.

The prize for the winner of this category is a scholarship to study Master’s Degree at Coventry University in the United Kingdom, this scholarship is sponsored by Majid Alsadi Scholarship Foundation.

The founder of Tamayouz Excellence Award, Ahmed Salah said:

“We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the students who submitted their high quality projects to win the Tamayouz Excellence Award, we are delighted to have 18 entries on our shortlist, and now we look forward to showcase a new group of young Iraqi talent to the international Iraqi community”.

The award received 72 entries from 10 Iraqi universities and 7 Arabic and European universities where Iraqi students study architecture courses, and the shortlisted entries selected (in universities’ alphabetical order) are:

– Al-Nahrain University: Mustafa Saadi

– Baghdad University: Ahmed Younis + Yasser Adnan (Group Project)

– Basrah University: Alsadiq Hamid

– Koya University: Goran Omer

– Mosul University: Yasser Borhan

– University of Duhok: Diana Dawood and Nazar Al-Berwari.

– University of Salahaddine: Aram Adil Shex, Hasan Samih, Ibrahim Hafedh Arf and Sarah Abdulkareem Saleh.

– University of Suleimani: Karzan Rahman Saeed and Shagul Mahmud

– University of Technology: Hadeel Safaa, Khalid Riadh, Maythem Safaa and Mustafa Jawad

– IUST – Syria: Ahmed Mahir Rasheed

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