Tamayouz Excellence Award

Tamayouz Excellence Award launches Dewan Award for Architecture

The Iraqi Marshes – Image Courtesy of Hussain Koole

Dewan Award is the newest award to be established as part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award program of championing and celebrating the best of architecture in Iraq and around the world

Participants are asked to design a primary school in the long-forgotten area of the Iraqi marshes, taking into account the limitations of the area and the ecological impact of construction on nature and the fauna of the marshes. The design is for a 6-class primary school serving the nearby villages with all the amenities of a modern school.

The Dewan Award for Architecture aims to empower young architects around the world while addressing local challenges in Iraq. The fully sponsored award was initiated by a fund allocated by Dewan Architects + Engineers and its founder and managing partner, Mr Mohamed Al Assam, who has been involved with Tamayouz Excellence Award since its launch in 2012. Dewan will also provide the technical expertise in selecting the annual subject of the challenge through research and its vast experience in Iraq.

The idea of an international award emerged from Dewan Architects + Engineers’ understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the importance of supporting young architects, as well as the firm’s confidence in Tamayouz Excellence Award’s commitment toward aspirational and transformative projects that tackle local and global challenges, informed by a holistic understanding of context.

The winner of the Dewan Award for Architecture will receive employment at Dewan Architects + Engineers, in its Dubai office for 6 months (with potential to renew to 12 months) with a competitive salary. Dewan will provide the winners with the crucial guidance to excel in the industry and the necessary know-how for real project scenarios.

The Dewan Award is the seventh award in Tamayouz Award’s programme, and the winners will be selected by an independent Tamayouz Judging Panel and its assessment criteria.

The inaugural subject for this year’s Dewan Award for Architecture is “School in the Marshes”. The competition brief can be found here: http://www.dewan-award.com/2018-competition.html


The Dewan Award is an open International Ideas Competition, therefore, practising architects, students, engineers, planners and designers are invited to participate in this award. Participants can enter as individuals or in teams (4 team members is the maximum). We encourage the participation of multidisciplinary teams.

To participate in Dewan Award for architecture go to this link:http://www.dewan-award.com/register.html

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