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Tamayouz Excellence Award launches 2019 cycles of Mohamed Makiya Prize and Women in Architecture and Construction Award.
Tamayouz Excellence Award, the Middle East’s most prestigious architecture award that advocates individuals and projects through its seven-award programme, is pleased to launch the 2019 cycles of two awards: the Mohamed Makiya Prize and the Women in Architecture and Construction Award.

Both awards are now open for registration on the Tamayouz website (all links are listed below), where more information about eligibility, criteria and award objectives can also be found.
Mohamed Makiya Prize
The Mohamed Makiya Prize, also known as the Middle Eastern Architectural Personality of the Year, champions individuals and organisations who promote, encourage, campaign or influence (directly or indirectly) the advancement of architecture in the Middle East.

Named after Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya, a great Iraqi architect whose influence and importance stretches far beyond his extensive portfolio of built work, the prize was established in 2014 in celebration of Dr Makiya’s centennial birthday.

The prize is open to the following organisations: governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, cultural centres, unions and companies, as well as architectural or non-architectural firms.

It is also open to individuals of any occupation that have had a direct or indirect influence, achievement or contribution to the advancement of architecture. This can include architects, designers, clients, engineers, educators, journalists, government employees, activists, planners, civil servants, conservation specialists, students, curators and organisations’ owners and directors.

The winner will be selected based on achievements or contributions made towards architecture from January 2016 to May 2019 by the Mohamed Makiya Prize judging panel.

Achievements or contributions include the promotion of architectural excellence, research with impact, publication, built projects, winning design competitions, activity in a certain field (i.e. conservation), planning, campaigning, building regulations, services to the built environment, education contribution, service to a community, and institutional excellence for organisations.

For more information about the prize and how to submit a nomination, please visit https://bit.ly/2WD9HqN

Dr Michael Toler (On Behalf of the Aga Khan Documentation Center @MIT) receiving the Mohamed Makiya Prize for the Middle Eastern Architectural Personality of 2018

Women in Architecture and Construction Award
The Tamayouz Women in Architecture and Construction Award is an excellence award for women who have contributed to the fields of architecture and construction throughout the Near East and North Africa.

Split between two categories – Rising Star and Woman of Outstanding Achievement – the award recognises individuals who have made positive contributions to the field of architecture and the status of women in the field, as well as those with bright futures.

Participation is open for women who are from the NENA region (consult website for list of countries) and who are either employed in the NENA region and specialise in architecture and construction, or who are employed abroad but their contributions have had a direct impact on the built environment in the NENA region.

Potential candidates include architects, landscape designers, civil engineers, site supervisors, project managers, urban designers, urban planners, site labourers, and clients. Candidates can also be academics and researchers, activists, and government or public sector employees.

Registration for the Mohamed Makiya Prize is open until 30 May, while registration for the Women in Architecture and Construction Award is open until 1 September.

To learn more about the Women in Architecture and Construction Award, please visit its page:

Suad Amiry (Palestine) receiving the Tamayouz Women of Outstanding Achievements Award 2018 at the annual Tamayouz Ceremony in Amman.

For more information about Tamayouz Excellence Award, please visit www.tamayouz-award.com

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by; The Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Coventry University, Dewan Architects and Engineers, the United Nations Global Compact, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects, Tradex Global Ltd and IDP Coventry.

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