Tamayouz Excellence Award


Tamayouz Excellence Award, an international awards programme that champions excellence in architecture, recently launched a seven-day design challenge, prompting architects and designers to submit designs for their ideal lockdown space.

Receiving nearly 200 submissions, which have been uploaded onto Tamayouz’s Facebook page, Tamayouz invites the public to select its ideal designs. The public can visit THIS LINK and vote by giving the posts positive reactions. The voting period is for one week, from 19 May to 26 May, 2020.

The submission period for the challenge was 4-11 May, 2020, and participants were given few constraints: spaces needed to measure at 25 square metres in total while also meeting the guidelines of self-isolation. What the space looked like, contained, or its location, among other factors, was left up to the participants. The top five winners selected by the public will receive a cash prize.

While Tamayouz Design Challenge was meant to be an enjoyable exercise with an open invitation to all, it also hopes to shed light on the importance of redesigning spaces to meet the physical and mental needs of being in lockdown. This is also why Tamayouz invites the public to vote – the challenge is not only about architecture for architects, its goal is to raise awareness and open the conversation to those who are not typically at the ‘architect’s table’ per say. The challenge is for everyone, and all opinions are valued.

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