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The Iraqi Architecture Prize; Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the winners of the 3rd cycle of Tamayouz Excellence Award | Excellence in Graduation Projects category.

This category “Tamayouz Excellence Award / Excellence in Graduation Projects” aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education, showcase Iraqi talents, support academics’ efforts of advancing architectural education in Iraq, promote a culture of excellence at an early stage amongst young Iraqis to advance the profession of architecture professional and academically.

In 2014 the award has witnessed an unprecedented success with the participation of 78% of final year students from all architecture departments in Iraqi universities, the participation has grown from 135 participants in 2012, 234 students in 2013 to 287 participants in 2014. 131 projects were received this year and 20 outstanding projects were shortlisted by the shortlisting panel of the award.

The judging panel of the 2014 award for Excellence in Graduation Projects:

Ayad Al Tuhafi, owner and director of Ayad Al Tuhafi Architect, London.

– Fernando Olba Rallo, Principal Director of Fernando Olba Arquitectura + Urbanismo, Valencia.

– Marc Galudemans, Dean of Architecture and Urbanism at Fontys Academy, Eindhoven.

– Katherine McNeil, Director of Architecture for Humanity – London Chapter, London.

– Tom Billingham, Lead landscape architect and Urban designer at Atkins, Sweden.

– Jerome Goyard, architect and head of architecture competitions department at Fevre-Gaucher, Paris.

– Frazer Bufton, course director for architecture programme at Coventry University, Coventry.

– Manhal Abdulateef, Architect and Academic, Sydney.

– Mohamed Nazer, Owner of Inside out design and the co-founder of designbook.me the Middle East’s first design platform, Amman.

– Turath Jamil, Architect and Urban researcher at the Sorbonne University, Paris.

The prizes of the 2014 Tamayouz Excellence award are:

– First Prize: A scholarship to study master’s degree at Coventry University, this scholarship is funded by Majid Al-Sadi Scholarship Foundation + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Second Prize: A two month paid internship (5000 AED/ Month) at Dewan Architects and Engineers in Dubai in addition to another 5000AED to cover the accommodation in Dubai + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Third Prize: A two month paid internship (5000 AED/Month) at Dewan Architects and Engineers in Dubai + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Honourable Mentions: Tamayouz Excellence Award Medal and Certificate

– Supervisor of the year 2014 prize: An Honorary Visiting Research Fellow position at Coventry University, this prize is part of the Tamayouz Research Scheme + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Architecture School of the Year: Architecture School of the year Trophy.

To watch Dr David Pilsbury the PVC of International Development at Coventry University announcing the winners of this year please view the video below:

The winners of Tamayouz Excellence Award 2014:

This year Tamayouz Excellence Award will announce the Top 10 projects in order; the top three winners and seven honourable mentions, the ranking is based on the total score out of 1000 points received from all the judges.

The Winner of Tamayouz Excellence Award 2014 and the First Prize is Redha Hassan from the University of Technology in Baghdad for his project; the Basrah Aquarium, supervised by Dr Ali Muhsin. Redha Scored 742/1000 points.

Judges’ Comments:
– Fernando Olba: “Smart and sophisticated concept well developed which beyond its complexity allows for a clear plan distribution. It shows an interesting solar chimney to achieve a high degree of sustainability, nicely worked sections. I find it a very intriguing building that suits its purpose and which it is well located. Good presentation and clear story telling”.

– Tom Billingham: “An impressive piece of work. Solid concept with clearly developed design principles. Well-structured and logical layout. Excellent presentations”.

– Marc Galudemans: “The design for an Aquatic exhibition and research centre is a beautiful project to be located in the confluence of two rivers in the city of Basra. The design is well thought of at all layers, from concept development, to urban design to the application of sustainable principles and so on, this makes this project to stand out for its overall quality and completeness”.

It is worth mentioning that, the winners of Tamayouz Excellence Award since its first cycle are from the University of Technology and they are Anwar Sabah Abbas (2012), Khalid Riadh (2013) and this year’s Redha Hassan.

The Third Prize goes to Rawand Abdullah from the University of Salahaddin for his work on the Mesopotamian Museum, Supervised by Mrs Ansam Saleh. Rawand scored 721/1000 points

Judges’ Comments:
– Marc Galudemans: “Beautiful design for a Mesopotamian Museum in Erbil. The design is well conceived and has a number on integrated layers of meaning and functionality. The spectacular morphology is sufficient to make this museum stand out in Erbil, and the design becomes a bit more original by avoiding the hyper-fashionable application of curved, white buildings in most other nominations. A very nice proposal.”

– Jerome Goyard: “Good integration in the site and the city. Good reinterpretation of the traditional sustainability concept with a modern form of the courtyard to refresh the whole building. Presentation is clear and drawings are beautiful”.

Honourable Mentions:

The Fourth Place goes to Ghazwan Saad Salah from the Beirut Arab University for his work on the War Museum, Ghazawan scored 696/1000 points and he was supervised by Dr Ahmed Salahaddin Attiya.

Judges’ Comments:
– Ayad Al-Tuhafi: “Simply love the concept, a war of thoughts, an art attack that created a very unique building”

– Frazer Bufton: “An engaging and dynamic scheme which combines a local and national context into a powerful and striking building. A thoughtful response to a difficult subject the design avoids the obvious posturing of war and conflict but offers something which is both evocative and potentially beautiful

The Fifth place goes to Hassan Al-Karagully from the University of Technology for his Nano Technology Research Centre, Hassan’s work was supervised by Dr Ali Muhsin. This project scored 694/1000 Points.

Judges’ Comments:
-Tom Billingham: “Love this one, throw together nanotechnology, a butterfly wing and a UFO and see what you get…! Great concept, well researched, merges well to give a believable narrative. Design principles run consistently through the design. Clear functions and aims. Responds to the site at a road junction, moulds to the wind and responds to the environment. The project handles the balance between private/public space and function, so despite it being a fairly closed form it remains open, interesting and inviting. Great stuff, well done.”

The Sixth place goes to Mohammed Siyamand from University of Salahaddin, his project Erbil Metro Station was supervised Mrs Ansam Saleh. Mohamme scored 679/1000 points.

Judges’ Comments:

– Manhal Abdulateef: “This project is a model for an integrated design where organised thinking, design talent, accurate analysis of place potentials and attention to details were combined during design process to produce a unique architectural environment”.

The Seventh place goes Lary Shawqi from the University of Salahaddin for his Public Aquarium Project which was supervised by Dr Salahaddin Yassin. Lary scored 665/1000 points.

Judges’ Comments:
– Mohamed Nazer: “Strong form and the floor plans are well designed, circulation has a nice experience, excellent overall project”.

The Eighth place goes to two students who scored exactly the same points (662/1000) and they are in alphabetical order:

Ahmed Auday from the University of Baghdad for his Ministry of Communications project, Ahmed’s work was supervised by Dr Shatha Abbas. Ayad Al-Tuhafi who is judging the this category for the 3rd year running commented on this entry and said: “Wow, What a piece of art and unlimited imagination”.

Ahmed Imad from Mosul University for his work on the College of Architecture and Construction, this project was supervised by Mr Nahith Al-Qemaqchi. Fernando Olba who was on the this year’s panel commented on the project and said: “Good conceptual part, well explained which ends up with an interesting form. It is the only that shows interest in connecting the building with the city beyond its site. Very good presentation and a very serious work”.


The Ninth place goes to Sanger Baxtyar from the University of Sulaimani for his work on the Association of Plastic Arts, Sanger’s project scored 651/1000 points and was supervised by Dr Abudllah Yousif.

Judges’ Comment:

  • Jerome Goyard: “I appreciate the scale and the simplicity of this project, the form is beautiful and elegant, it shows a nice mixture between modernism and tradition. Presentation is clear”.


  • – Turath Jamil: “one of the most interesting designs in this year’s award”.


The Tenth goes to Saman Sardar from the University of Koya for his work on the Religious Coexistence Centre project which was supervised by Dr Hussein Ali, Saman scored 646/1000 points.

Judges’ Comment:
– Katherine: “A poetry of the human soul, the project demonstrates an intimacy of human scale, and the element of surprise in the larger spaces buried within the centre of the project. We enjoyed the sense of connectivity of the human spirit with the land, evident in the written description and described within the architectural language and drawings – delightful”.

The Supervisor of the Year 2014 Award

The Supervisor of the Year 2014 Award goes to Dr Ali Muhsin from the University of Technology for his supervision, support and encouragement to two of the top 10 projects including the winning project and two other project that were in the Top 20 Shortlist.

The Honourable Mentions of the Supervisor of the Year award are:
– Dr Khalil Al-Ali – University of Technology
– Mrs Ansam Saleh – University of Salahaddin

The Architecture School of the Year 2014 Award

The Architecture School of the Year 2014 award goes for the 3rd year running to the University of Technology in Baghdad.

Tamayouz Founder, Ahmed Al-Mallak:

Our many congratulation to the winners, supervisors, honourable mentions, architecture departments, all the achievers of Tamayouz Excellence Award, the support for the 2014 cycle of the award has been remarkable despite the current situation in Iraq. As Tamayouz are proud to be spearheading the efforts to create opportunities for young talents and empower women architects in Iraq and at the same time setting a benchmark for excellence in volunteer and interdisciplinary collaboration. Today we empower another 11 remarkable young architects hoping that one day they will change the future of Iraqi architecture for the better”.

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