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Competition Results – Iraq 100 International Poster Exhibition

Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the competition results of the Iraq 100 the inaugural International Poster Exhibition organised by Tamayouz.

The exhibition was in celebration of the centenary of the founding of modern Iraq. Artists, designers, and photographers from around the world were invited to submit creative work that highlights and introduces the modern history of Iraq.

Participating Countries

By presenting 100 creative productions, Iraq 100 aims to honour a century of modern Iraq, a historical period marked by the accession of King Faisal I to the throne of the Kingdom of Iraq in 1921. This date implicitly defines the start of contemporary Iraqi identity – the exploration of which instigated the eruption of the country’s modern art movement.

A specialist judging panel selected the best 100 posters and three winning posters from the submitted entries to be displayed at the international poster exhibition, which will be held in select cities worldwide. The first exhibition in Baghdad was held at the Iraqi Plastic Artists association from 15-18/11/2021.

The winners were selected by jury members, who met remotely in November 2021. The judges this year were:

  • Dia Azzawi: Artist – Iraq/UK
  • Ahmed Mallak: Founder of Tamayouz Excellence Award and Coventry University Academic – Iraq/UK
  • Modhir Ahmed: Visual Artist – Iraq/Spain
  • Amar Dawod: Artist – Iraq/Sweden
  • Bashar Shamil: Visual Artist and Academic at the University of Technology in Baghdad – Iraq

After reviewing the poster, the jury commented: “The posters submitted for the Iraq 100 exhibition showed an incredible devotion and commitment to thought and design. All those who took part should feel that they have benefitted in the conception of a worthy creation. Further to this, a poster requires interaction, either visual, emotional or both. That interaction is essential to making something meaningful and timeless. Many of the entries showed an incredible sensitivity to the ideas proposed, as well as an inspiring way to look forward in looking back at the past.”

The prize winners

First prize
Jean-Paul Krammer – Mexico

Second prize
Chia Hsiang Lee – Taiwan

Third prize
Hakam Alkatib – Iraq

Iraq 100 is the inaugural cycle of Tamayouz Poster Exhibitions.

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