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Tamayouz Excellence Award is proud to announce the shortlist of finalists for its Dewan Award for Architecture 2022. The shortlist comprises the top 20 submissions received this year for the award’s fifth cycle.

The entries were selected out of 136 submissions from 34 countries this year. The selection of finalists was chosen by the senior management and design team at Dewan Architects and Engineers based on the criteria set in the award’s brief, which called on participants to submit proposals for a Rehabilitation Centre for Terrorism Victims in Iraq.

Members of the senior management and design team at Dewan Architects and Engineers during the shortlisting meeting

Commended projects are those that responded to the site’s conditions, utilised the whole site and offered solutions that are mindful of the existing context, as well as providing a safe and comfortable space for the patients, supporting their health, psychological and physical needs. The shortlisting committee further appreciated an innovative approach among proposals.

The panel for the Dewan Award for Architecture 2022 consisted of the following:

  • Professor Jala Makhzoumi – Lebanon: Professor of Landscape Design, Academic at the American University of Beirut and co-founder of Unit44 – Co-chair of Tamayouz Excellence Award Grand Jury 2022/23.
  • Professor Wendy Pullan – UK: Emeritus Professor of architecture and urban studies and director of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, University of Cambridge – Co-chair of Tamayouz Excellence Award Grand Jury 2022/23.
  • Dr Davide Ponzini – Italy: Associate professor of urban planning at Politecnico di Milano and the Director of the Tau-lab research group.
  • Fuad AL Kindi – Oman – President of the Oman Society of Engineers.
  • Dr Mohamed Al-Assam – Iraq/UAE: Chairman of Dewan Architects + Engineers.
  • Kathy Basheva – UK: Director of Basheva Studio in London and RIBA chartered architect.
  • Nadia Habash – Palestine: Head of the Palestinian Engineering Association / Founder of Habash Consulting Engineers / Adjunct Professor Beirzet University.
  • Ahmed Al-Azzawi – Iraq/UK: Award-winning architect and Technical Delivery Manager at Barratt Developments.
  • Ahmed Al-Mallak – Founding Director of Tamayouz Excellence Award and Academic at Coventry University.

The award is named after Dewan Architects + Engineers, one of the world’s most established and leading architecture firms, particularly to emerge from the Middle East. The Dewan Award is an international award that recognises design proposals responding to Iraq’s local challenges. For its inaugural theme in 2018, the award sought proposals for a school in Iraq’s marshlands; in 2019, the theme was the regeneration of Baghdad’s Al Umma Park; in 2020, the theme was Almedina Plaza and Youth complex, and in 2021 the competition’s challenge was to design a Sanctuary for homeless girls in Iraq.

The winner’s announcement will be made in November 2022.

The shortlist of finalists for the Dewan Award for Architecture 2022 are:
*All finalists arranged in countries’ alphabetical order


  • Unanime Architectes (Pierre Sfeir, Judy Abi Roustom, Darwin Cavanero and Eman Hasan Khalil).


  • Duane Burnett


  • T+Y STUDIO (Xiaochuan Yang, Zhaohui Tang, Rui Huang, Yu Nan, Ziyu Luo, Mingyu Yang).


  • A2 Team (Ayman Mohamed Ismail and Aya Mostafa Amin).
  • Rahwa (Noha Hatem Mostafa, Noha Hatem Mostafa, Esraa Khaled Abdelraouf, Dina Yasser Bakr, Dareen Emad El-Din Saeed).
  • Omnia Ahmed, Alaa Abd Elhamid Ibrahim, Habiba Amr Fouad Rashed, Mohammed ahmed Zaki Sayed, Sama Muhammed Reda Ahmad.
  • TGH architects (Tarek Abdel Raouf, Mahmoud Abdel Raouf and Mohammed Atef).
  • AC Architecture team (Sameh Ali Mostafa, Mennatallah Medhat Elmokadem, Ali Mahmoud Ali, Mokhtar Hossam eldin Mohammed Mokhtar, Hady Ahmed Yousry and Mohommed Mosa Ali).
  • JIWAR Architects (Safwat Salama, Mai Hal, Abdelrahman ElMahdy and Tawfik Abdulmonim).
  • Peter Erian Awad Hanna, Mirna Abdel Halim Youssef and Nada Yasser Sakr.
  • Marsa (May Gouda, Emad Adel, Nourhan Reda, Ahmed Tarek, Sara Hany kamal and Habiba Mohamed Ahmed).
  • AMD team (Mariam Hazem Elnabarawy, Mahmoud Tarek, Dalia Ayman, Mohanad Elsharkawy, Moamen Omar and Amr).


  • IWAN Consultants (Younus Sabri Ibrahim Al-Shaikhli, Ahmed Thamir Abbas, Ali Khalid Wahab Al-Ani, Yousif Omar Yousif Al-Humairi).
  • Baqer Hameed Ibrahim Kirmasha, Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Abotaheen, Talib Fadhil Talib Alturihy, Zainab Fadhil Ahmed Arab, Ruqaya Mohammed Wannas Al-Murshidi, Reda Jawad Mohammed Alerawany.


  • ZUQAQ PARIS (Hamid AlAzraqi, Israa Abu AlMaaly, Hawraa Isam and Salabelle Julien).


  • Jawdat Khader and Rajab Elshahubi


  • Mohammad Al Arnaout, Kassem Al Saadi, Jamal Joueidi, Mohammad Serhal, Ahmad Zarif, Mohammad Nour Maher Abo Ammo.


  • As Studio (Ainna Sabri, Hasdie Aim, Maryam Mudhaffar and Naqieuddin Sobhi).


  • Graviton studio (Sara Saleh and Rza Hsn).


  • Lucky River (Le Anh Tai and Bien Do Ha Giang)

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by Coventry University, the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Dewan Architects + Engineers, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects, Bonair Ltd, the United Nations Global Compact – Iraq Network, Round City, and the Oman Society of Engineers.

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