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Tamayouz launches the 2nd International Poster Exhibition “Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later”

Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to launch the 2nd International Poster Competition and Exhibition titled “Iraq 2003: 20 Years Later” and invites artists, designers and photographers from around the world to submit their works in remembrance of this pivotal event in Iraq’s modern history, as Iraqis, along with the whole world, remember in this month, scenes of US forces entering the heart of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on the 9th of April, 2003.

The exhibition aims to present the artistic visions that deal with this transformation in the art of posters to symbolise the radical changes that Iraq has gone through in its political, economic, artistic, and cultural structures. And how society witnessed successive changes in all aspects of life.

To document and review this event retrospectively, this competition allows artists the opportunity to express what the event represented in their memories and how they can look at it two decades later.

The exhibition invites artists, designers and photographers worldwide to submit creative work looking back at that major event that was a turning point in the country’s modern history.

Excellence is the central criterion for selecting the posters to be exhibited, regardless of the style, theme interpretation or the artist’s angle on this event and its aftermath.

A specialist judging panel will select the best posters from the submitted entries to be displayed at the international exhibition, which will be held in select cities.

Participation in poster designs through a creative and artistic journey of this kind is an exceptional documentation and a moral responsibility that indicates the critical role of artists and their vision of what happened to Iraq by preserving memory, learning from the profound lessons of the past and their effects on the future of Iraq, and their aspiration towards a new space of Freedom, democracy and real development.

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