Tamayouz Excellence Award

Majid AlSadi Scholarship Foundation’s Diamond Sponsorship for Tamayouz Excellence Award

Tamayouz Excellence Award is pleased to announce the Majid AlSadi Scholarship Foundation as a Diamond Sponsor of Iraq’s only excellence award. The Foundation

is going to provide funding for the winner of the first place of Tamayouz Excellence Award / Excellence in Graduation Projects category to study a master’s degree at Coventry University for the year 2014/2015, the winner will be selected by Tamayouz Excellence Award’s internationally renowned judging panel.

The Majid AlSadi Scholarship Foundation is a pioneer in providing financial means to excellent Iraqi post-graduate students, funding for the scholarship is being made available by Dr. AlSadi, an Iraqi visionary, International philanthropist and Coventry University alumni, who founded the Majid AlSadi Scholarship Foundation in 2007.

Dr. AlSadi is the Chairman and CEO of Eastern Holding, with eight subsidiary companies specializing in the hospitality, aviation, manufacturing, water purification and security sectors, and is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

Dr. Majid AlSadi is considered to be one of the most successful alumni of Coventry University, and he recently received an honorary doctorate degree from the University in acknowledgement of his achievements and entrepreneurial skills.  Dr. AlSadi has a vision which is parallel to that of Tamayouz Excellence Award: Iraq’s capacity development starts by recognizing excellence and rewarding and supporting your talents.  This vision has resulted in a collaboration that will be life changing to many of Iraq’s excellent talents.

Tamayouz Excellence Award began in 2012, in its first year the award had only one category: “Excellence in Graduation Projects.” Final year architectural students studying at universities in Iraq submitted entries.  A judging panel consisting of internationally renowned architects and academics, including the Priktzer Architecture Prize winner Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE, assessed all entries and chose a winner.

Tamayouz is an independent initiative with no political affiliation, which aims to advance the profession of architecture in Iraq both academically and professionally. 

Over the last year, Tamayouz Excellence Award has grown from a local award to an internationally recognized award judged by a renowned International Judging Panel, such as: Dame Zaha Hadid; the founder of Zaha Hadid Architects, Angela Brady; president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Professor Paul Ivey; Dean of Engineering and Computing Faculty in Coventry University, Katherine McNeil; Director of Architecture For Humanity – London Chapter, Moira Lascelles; of The Architecture Foundation in London, Dr Khaled Al-Sultany a renowned Iraqi architect and academic from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark and Ayad Al-Tuhafi the owner of London based Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects.

Some of the other sponsors beside the Majid AlSadi Scholarship Foundation include: The United Nations Global Compact – Iraq; Coventry University; the Iraqi Business Council – Jordan; Architecture For Humanity – London; Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects _ London and other international and local organizations.

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