Tamayouz Excellence Award

Meet Our Sponsors: Iraqi Business Council Jordan

IBC vice president and secretary general, Saad Naji presenting an award at the Tamayouz ceremony in 2019

One of the longest standing sponsors of Tamayouz Excellence Award, the Iraqi Business Council Jordan (IBC Jordan) was established by highly qualified, elite Iraqi businessmen who undertook the task of establishing the organisation. Since its procession in late 2006, IBC Jordan restricted its activities to adopt methods fortifying Iraqi investments in Jordan, resolving all defiances; generated novel and unique means to enhance and develop the economic, trade and investment cooperation between Iraq and Jordan; and sought opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq.

The IBC Jordan has also outreached its activities to several social and humanitarian spheres of action aiming at providing support to the people of Iraq, in and outside of the country.

Since Tamayouz started, the IBC Jordan, in addition to being a diamond sponsor and a ceremony co-host, has been a prize sponsor of the student awards. Between 2013 and 2015, IBC Jordan sponsored the first place prize of the Iraqi Graduation Projects Award, which is a Master’s Degree scholarship to Coventry University, and since 2015, IBC Jordan has sponsored the first place prize of the International Graduation Projects Award, which is a Master’s Degree scholarship to the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. ​

​Here we speak with Saad Naji, IBC Jordan’s vice president and secretary general, and the head of the Social & Cultural Committee & Entrepreneurship Program (CSR).

IBC vice president and secretary general, Saad Naji

Tell us about the Iraqi Business Council Jordan.
Since its inception in Jordan in late 2006, the Iraqi Business Council Jordan has been keen on becoming the nucleus for an economic, cultural and humanitarian project that reflects the vibrant and interactive spirit of the contemporary age of the members of a new generation of businesses. This elite population represents the advocates for the culture of their country, and believes in supporting the civil societies where they are working with values resonating with humanitarian goals, which are targeted at having such communities thrive and prosper. It is against this backdrop that the concept of having an IBC cultural programme, dubbed as IBDAA (creativeness), was generated. Such a conception upholds and promotes Iraq’s enlightened cultures of all types of arts. The programme will safeguard the legacies of the elite and emerging generations, including academics, artists, authors, writers and poets who have been striving to help keep the flame of hope alight for various generations.

Iraqi Business Council president Majid Saadi presenting an award to a student winner in 2019

Why did the IBC Jordan decide to support Tamayouz?
The IBC Jordan has contributed to the support and sponsorship of Tamayouz Excellence Award since the award’s creation. Supporting Tamayouz was one of our goals to achieve the CSR principles and contribute to the sustainable development. This award, in only a few years, has become one of the most significant international awards for architecture.

Between 2013 and 2015, the IBC Jordan sponsored the Master’s Degree scholarship prize for the first place winner of Tamayouz’s Iraqi Graduation Projects Award, and since 2015, it has sponsored the Master’s Degree scholarship prize for the first place winner of the International Graduation Projects Award.

In my meeting with Tamayouz founder, Ahmed Al-Mallak when he was establishing the award, I found it very appropriate that the Iraqi Business Council Jordan adopts this award by giving the first place winner of the student awards a scholarship to obtain a Master’s Degree in one of the international universities that are in association with Tamayouz, as well as uphold the annual ceremony by giving the award direct and generous support.

Now the Iraqi Business Council Jordan prides itself on the number of students who received the scholarship and have already graduated, as well as that the annual ceremony which has become a centre of admiration by the most prominent universities in Iraq, Jordan, the Middle East and worldwide.

Abeer AlNaib, IBC Jordan’s general manager, was recognised by Coventry University for her efforts in supporting Tamayouz Excellence Award

Why is supporting Tamayouz important to the IBC Jordan? What does this partnership mean for IBC’s business?
We believe that supporting Tamayouz Award represents the Iraqi Business Council Jordan social responsibility and the true partnership existing between the business community and the academic bodies to develop and build the capabilities of the fresh graduates and talented engineers.

Furthermore, I cannot fail to mention that the IBC Jordan has forged vibrant partnerships with a number of UN and civil society organisations. These efforts help foster human rights, combat corruption and realise sustainable development. They also help organise business activity and civic participation, etc. It is also worth mentioning, that IBC Jordan within the category of social institutions, won the Arab Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (Special Recognition) at the 11th session of the Arab Network of Corporate Social Responsibility, and was awarded during a grand ceremony honouring winners who excelled in environmental management, social practices, good governance and responsible growth.

Our faith is deep and firm in the economic, cultural, academic and humanitarian message that business communities must extend towards the civil communities in order to work towards achieving prosperity and a bright future. The IBDAA programme will always be remembered as a remarkable and ambitious Iraqi cultural programme launched by the Iraqi business community under the Iraqi Business Council Jordan.

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