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Kourosh Salehi, MENA design director of LWK + PARTNERS, presents an award at the 2019 annual ceremony

One of the newest sponsors to join the Tamayouz family, LWK + PARTNERS is a leading design architecture practice rooted in Hong Kong. It is a platform with design specialists who deliver world-class solutions to the built environment. Its 1,000+ creative minds collaborate across a network of 12 offices around the globe providing services including architecture, planning and urban design, interiors, heritage conservation, landscape, building information modelling (BIM), lifestyle and lighting design.

With over 34 years of growth, LWK + PARTNERS has completed many outstanding projects across different sectors, such as mixed-use, commercial, residential, transit-oriented developments, and leisure and public facilities developments. It creates infinite possibilities.

LWK + PARTNERS has two Middle East offices: one is located in Dubai, UAE and the other was recently launched in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company’s work in the region is overseen by Kerem Cengiz, MENA managing director and Kourosh Salehi, MENA design director.

Since 2019, LWK + PARTNERS has been a silver sponsor of Tamayouz Excellence Award.

Here, we speak with Cengiz about why LWK + PARTNERS chose to partner with Tamayouz.

Kerem Cengiz, MENA managing director at LWK + PARTNERS

Why did you choose to support Tamayouz?
LWK + PARTNERS believes in the power of corporate social responsibility in changing lives. We thrive when we recognise champions and support excellence culture. Our design director attended the ceremony last year in Amman, Jordan to show our belief in what Tamayouz is advocating.

Why is supporting Tamayouz important to you and your business?
Tamayouz speaks of defining and supporting a regional and contextual approach to urbanism and architecture at a grassroots level that is very important to LWK + PARTNERS as a global entity recent to this region. All our leaders here at our MENA HQ are grounded in this region and passionate about ensuring that our global knowledge base benefited and reached out to sponsors, communities and participants of the awards.

What do you hope to achieve through your partnership with Tamayouz?
Most importantly, we were able to ensure that our commitment to CSR was implemented with validity and integrity, to be able to support our community was a privilege and to be perceived as an organisation in such a way through real advocacy is vital. It’s all too easy to talk about such things while not really achieving them.

Kourosh Salehi, MENA design director at LWK + PARTNERS, presents an award at the 2019 annual ceremony

Why do you think it’s important for businesses, institutions or individuals to support Tamayouz, or organisations like it?
We believe Tamayouz speaks of defining and supporting grassroots level urbanists and architects. It’s an advocate to those in the region that might not otherwise have the opportunity to have their work, thought and voice heard in a regional contextual manner. Organisations such as LWK + PARTNERS can assist in giving a global channel for engagement

What are some of LWK + PARTNERS’s recent projects?
We have numerous active projects across the region despite the recent challenges we are all facing. We have a number of significant master planning and architecture commissions in Egypt, some very exciting public realm initiatives in the UAE, along with high profile commercial residential projects, such as the recent launch of a luxury residential project in Downtown Dubai called Burj Crown for Emaar. We are working on a number of unique projects in Saudi Arabia ranging from complex urban regeneration master plans, cultural projects, public realm interventions and transportation, and TOD initiatives.

What projects do you have coming up?
We are particularly excited about several of our engagements in Saudi Arabia, especially complex urban regeneration master plans and the public realm interventions and transportation, and TOD initiatives. Other than our projects, we are thrilled about the first issue of our ‘Red Envelope’ series, a triennial journal encompassing a thought-based open platform exploring and challenging our built environment. It is a printed and digital journal which we were in preparation for over the last 20 months as our MENA studio has been evolving. We very much hope that it will act as a facilitator for innovation, discourse, thought leadership and global engagement.

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