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A diamond sponsor of Tamayouz Excellence Award, the Mohamed Makiya Charity is named after Dr Mohamed Makiya, a prolific Iraqi architect and the recipient of the inaugural Tamayouz Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 for the impact of his celebrated and lasting contribution to Iraqi architecture, his role in the establishment of the Baghdad School of Architecture and his mentoring of generations of aspiring Iraqi architects. 

A London-based board with trustees devoted to the arts and culture of the Middle East, the Mohamed Makiya Charity is chaired by Dr Makiya’s son, Kanan Makiya, a celebrated Iraqi-British academic, author and professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis University. Kanan is also a jury member of the International Graduation Projects Award.

Here Tamayouz speaks with Kanan about the charity, and why he chooses to support the awards programme.

Dr Mohamed Makiya

Why did you choose to support Tamayouz? 
The Mohamed Makiya Charity supports Tamayouz because of the professionalism of its organisers in the service of a higher quality architecture.

What is the history between yourself, the charity and Tamayouz? 
We first met during an interview conducted by Tamayouz with my father.

Why is Tamayouz important to you?
It is important to me because it works to offer a better quality of life for all peoples.

What do you hope to achieve through your partnership with Tamayouz? 
For myself nothing other than the pleasure of greater and more imaginative human achievement.

Kanan Makiya during Tamayouz’s annual jury meeting in 2019 at Coventry University, UK

What work do you have coming up?
We are supporting several writers in the Arab world at the moment who rarely receive adequate compensation for their work due to the deplorable state of affairs in Arabic language publishing. 

Why do you think it’s important for businesses, institutions or individuals to support Tamayouz? 
Because quality of achievement ought to be more appreciated in the world than quantity or profit.

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