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Tamayouz Award is delighted to announce the shortlist for the Rifat Chadirji Prize for architecture and its theme for 2017; Rebuilding Iraq’s Liberated Areas – Mosul’s Housing.

20 entries were selected out of 223 entries submitted by individuals, firms and universities coming from 42 countries, Participants are asked to propose a solution for the Mosul’s upcoming housing crisis, which will affect the city as more neighborhoods will be freed and internally displaced persons and refugees will start to return. The shortlisted entries in Alphabetical order of their countries are:

France – Paris: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Germany – Karlsruhe: Triplicity Architects: Marwa Al-Dibouni, Noor Makkiya and Sally Al-badry

India – Delhi: Studio Grey: Abhishek Semwal, Natasha Kumar and Gaurav Sinha

Iran – Shiraz: Grid: Mina Saadatfard, Ali Arzaghi, Parham Ostovar and Zahra Haghi

Iraq – Baghdad: SPOT Team: Nizar Razak, Badr-Ahmed Alauldeen, Leena-Raad-Mohammed and Mohammed-Jawad-Hassan

Iraq – Duhok: Ali Nashwan and Fatima Ehsan

Italy – Florence: Filomena Visone

Poland – Warsaw: Marek Rytych Architekt: Marek Rytych, Natalia Ciastoń and Tomasz Hryciuk

Poland – Wrocław: 51°N: Marta Dąbrowska, Patryk Galiński, Marcin Klich

Poland – Wroclaw: Students team of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology: Mariia Chorna, Oleksandr Kostevych

Poland – Wroclaw: Anna Otlik

Syria – Aleppo: Hope: Mahmoud Akkam, Ahmad Labban, Mohamad Wajih Mahrouseh and M. Ghayath Lababidi

Syria – Damascus: One-time Studio: Tamooh Edelbi, Ammar Abaza, Ahmed AlSalhi and Mohammad Fares Whby

Tunisia – Tunis: Eya Dallel, Oussema Khalfi and Malèk Mensi

Turkey – Ankara: Atöyle 1590: Nuran Özkam, Melike Emerce, Hüseyin Kezer and Mehmet Koray Karagöz

UK – London: Weston Williamson + Partners: Philip Turner, Andrew Weston and Chris Williamson

USA – Central: Mostafa Alani

USA – Houston: MBK: Mustafa Kamil

USA – New York: Zuhair Hussaini

USA – San Francisco: Tay Othman

The Tamayouz judging panel will meet on the 3rd of October 2017, to select the winners of the Rifat Chadirji Prize – Mosul’s Housing Competition. We wish you the best of luck.

The Rifat Chadirji Prize Website: www.RifatChadirji.com

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