Tamayouz Excellence Award

Winner Announcement: Tamayouz Excellence Award 2013 | Excellence in Graduation Projects

Tamayouz Excellence Award is Iraq’s most prestigious architecture and design excellence award, recognised internationally as the Iraqi Architecture Prize. 

This category “Tamayouz Excellence Award / Excellence in Graduation Projects” aims to recognise and reward excellence, showcase Iraqi talents,  support academics’ efforts of advancing architectural education in Iraq, promote a culture of excellence at an early stage amongst young Iraqis to advance the profession of architecture professional and academically.

The Priktzer Architecture Prize winner Zaha Hadid, who was the chair judge of the 2012 Tamayouz Excellence Award commented on the importance of Tamayouz and said: “Talents flourish in this global movement and the Tamayouz Award further links Iraq’s architects with this international community”

The second year of this category has witnessed an unprecedented success with the participation of 234 Iraqi final year students from all architecture departments in Iraqi universities and seven students studying abroad, the participation has grown from 135 participants in 2012 to 234 in 2013.  84 projects were received this year and 18 projects were shortlisted by the academic sponsor of the award, Coventry University.

Tamayouz Founder, Ahmed Salah Said:

Our many congratulation to the winners, supervisors, honourable mentions, architecture departments and all the achievers of Tamayouz Excellence Award, the support for the 2013 cycle of the award has been remarkable and we as Tamayouz are proud to be spearheading the efforts to create opportunities for young talents and empower women architects in Iraq and at the same time setting a benchmark for excellence in volunteer and interdisciplinary collaboration.  And I would like to quote the lecturer at Coventry University; Danny McGough of Architect-Bim.com “the main lesson I feel we in the UK could learn (From Tamayouz) would be the collaboration processes between multiple sectors to gain recognition for excellence”.

The prizes of the 2013 Tamayouz Excellence award are:

– First Prize: A scholarship to study master’s degree at Coventry University, this scholarship is funded by Majid Al-Sadi Scholarship Foundation + $2500 cash prize from Al-Dulaimi Business Group + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Second Prize: A two month paid internship (5000 AED/ Month) at Dewan Architects and Engineers in Dubai in addition to another 5000AED to cover the accommodation in Dubai + $1500 Cash Prize from Al-Dulaimi Business Group + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Third Prize: A two month paid internship (5000 AED/Month) at Dewan Architects and Engineers in Dubai + $1000 Cash Prize from Al-Dulaimi Business Group + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

– Supervisor of the year prize: Offer for a Visiting Research Fellow at Coventry University, this is an invitation from the Professor Paul Ivey, the Dean Engineer and Computing at Coventry University + Tamayouz Excellence Award medal and certificate.

The judging panel of the 2013 award for excellence in graduation projects:

– Ayad Al Tuhafi, owner and director of Ayad Al Tuhafi Architect, London.

– Dr Ihsan Fethi, architect, academic and the Director of the Iraqi Architects Society, Amman.

– Peter Besley, co-founder of Assemblage Architecture + Urbanism and a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett school of architecture, University College London.

– Katherine McNeil, director of Architecture for Humanity – London Chapter, London.

– Paul Longdin, co-founder of Constructure ltd design consultancy, London.

–  Jerome Goyard, architect and head of architecture competitions department at Fevre-Gaucher, Paris.

– Frazer Bufton, course director for architecture programme at Coventry University, Coventry.

– Manhal Abdulateef, architect and academic, Sydney.

– Mohamed Nazer, owner of Inside out design and the co-founder of designbook.me the Middle East’s first design platform, Amman.

– Rashed Al Nasa’a, Senior sustainability engineer at Arab Engineering Bureau, Doha.

This year Tamayouz Excellence Award will announce the Top 10 projects in order; the top three winners and seven honourable mentions, the ranking is based on the total score received from all the judges.

To watch Professor Paul Ivey, the Dean of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University announce the winners of this year please view the link below:


The Winner of Tamayouz Excellence Award 2013 and the First Prize goes to Khalid Riadh from the University of Technology in Baghdad for his project; Baghdad Opera House, supervised by Asmaa Mohammed Al-Muqaram. This project has been selected as the best project by 6 of the 10 members of the judging panel.

Judges’ Comments:

Ayad Al Tuhafi: “a very skilled designer, the future of Iraqi architecture is in safe hands”.

Dr Ihsan Fethi: “I think the design shows strong artistic talent and sculptural imagination”.

Jerome Goyard: “The concept is very clear, and it is very pertinent to create this kind of form which can be considered as a monument, the master plan works well, this organic form is charming and it could create a nice postcard view for Baghdad”.

Rashed Al Nasa’a : “An iconic project that is reminiscent of the works of the great Zaha Hadid, exhibiting fluidity and motion to create a cultural icon not only for Iraq but for the region as well”.

It is worth mentioning that, the winner of Tamayouz Excellence Award for 2012 was Anwar Sabah Abbas who was also from The University of technology.

The Second Prize goes to Ibrahim Hafedh Aref from the University of Salahaddin for his entry; Museum of Islamic Arts, Ibrahim was supervised by Dr Hamid Turky.

Judges’ Comments:

Katherine McNeil: “Strong, simple & sophisticated form and relationship with the city, A number of subtle contextual moves both in the site plan and materiality make for an enjoyable and engaging project . This is particularly evident within the attitude, both written and drawn, to light Hope the project is well published to provide inspiration within the city”.

Paul Longdin: “Very strong form, sculptural and artistic but with logic, well considered relationship with locality and pedestrian flow between parklands. Clearly grounded in artistic inspiration, heavy monolith set in landscaped setting, very good”.

Manhal Abdulateef: “Student excelled in finding a distinct architectural configuration combining simplicity, modernity, innovation and inspired by the spirit of Islamic”.

The Third Prize goes to Diana Dawood from the University of Duhok for her Natural History Museum supervised by Dr Maha Al-Malaika.

Judges’ Comments:

Peter Besley: “The project program of an external and internal teaching facility for young people about natural history is excellent.  As a response to the program, the adoption of a “topographic” approach is a good fit thematically, and also is a practical response to fitting accommodation in the terrain without excessive cutting”.

Frazer Bufton:”A well-considered and thorough proposal which is very much rooted in the context of the site and its use with thoughtful use of materials in the building and landscape”. 

Mohammed Nazer: “The project is needed in that location, and the way it was designed is just how it should be. The materials used in this project are sustainable”.

Dr Maha Al-Malaika appears on the list of Top supervisors again, after she has been selected as Tamayouz Excellence Award’s “Supervisor of the Year 2012” for supervising two of the Top 11 projects.

Honourable Mentions:

The Fourth place goes Hadeel Safaa from the University of Technology for her Urban Design and Museum supervised by Dr Wahda Shukur.

Judges’ Comments:

Rashed Al-Nasa’a: “Great sense of respect and sensitivity towards the context in and at the same introducing new functions that would enhance users’ experience and stay in the area”.

Dr Ihsan Fethi: “Despite the many planning and conservation studies that have been prepared for Baghdad very little has been done to preserve what is left of this great city which once ruled the whole Muslim World.  So, the choice of such a project by a student is to be commended indeed”.

The Fifth place goes to Maytham Safaa from the University of Technology for his Environmental research centre supervised by Dr Abbas Hamza.

Judges’ Comments:

Mohammed Nazer: “The project concept, form, structure and purpose are all related to each other and ended with a good sustainable project”.

The Sixth place goes to Ahmed Younis & Yasser Adnan from Baghdad University for their project, The New Iraqi Parliament Building supervised by Architect Mohammed Rida Chalabi.

Judges’ Comments:

Jerome Goyard: “This is an interesting project and the concept is clear. There is a good reinterpretation of the elements of traditional architecture, even if the project might be too symbolic, the idea of the main auditorium protected by the whole Building is beautiful”.

The Seventh place goes to Mustafa Saadi Abd Almuhsen from Al-Nahrain University for his “Control Centre for Satellite Communications” supervised by a group of fifth year academics from Al-Nahrain University.

Judges’ Comments:

Ayad Al Tuhafi: “I loved the development from the electric circuit, very skilled designer”

The Eighth place goes to Hasan Samih from the University of Salahaddine for his “Sports Complex” supervised by Dr Hamid Turky.

Judges’ Comments:

Manhal Abdulateef: “There is an obvious sequence of concept implementation in addition to an excellent effort in finding suitable design details that link the form and the spirit of the lace with the function of the project”.

The Ninth place goes to Ahmed Maher Rasheed from the Private International University of Science and Technology in Syria for his “Baghdad Memorial Bridge” supervised by Dr Wael Samhouri.

Judges Comment:

Frazer Bufton: “Overall this was an engaging and striking project which had a clearly defined resonance to its physical & cultural context”.

The Tenth Place is shared between three entries, all with the same total score and they are:

Sarah Abdulkareem from the University of Salahaddine for her “Entertainment Complex” supervised by Dr Hamid Turkey.

Nazar Barwarri from the University of Duhok for his IT Complex, supervised by Architect Hussein Ahmed.

Shagul Mahmud from the University of Suleimani for her project “Airlines Headquarter”


The Supervisor of the Year 2013 Prize goes to Dr Hamid Turky for supervising three of the top 10 projects.

We are also delighted to announce that Tamayouz is launching its Iraqi University League Table – Architecture, this independent table will be based on the results of the universities’ students in Tamayouz Excellence Award, judged by the international judging panel.  This will be an important tool for Iraqi Departments of architecture to regain the international academic recognition via an independent league table.

Tamayouz Excellence Award sponsored by:

Coventry University, Majid Al-Sadi Scholarship Foundation, The United Nations Global compact, Iraqi Business Council, Eastern Holding, Dewan Architects and Engineers, Al-Dulaimi Business Group, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects and Architecture For Humanity – London Chapter.

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