Tamayouz Excellence Award

Winners Announcement: Tamayouz International Award 2016 – Excellence in Architecture graduation projects worldwide

The Iraqi Architecture Prize; Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to announce the winners of the 1st cycle of Tamayouz International Award.

Tamayouz International Award; an annual international architecture award open to final year students worldwide.  Tamayouz International aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education and celebrating the achievements of young architects at an early stage and giving them the opportunity to collaborate and support each other, empowering a generation of young architects to pursue their careers knowing that they can contribute towards the advancement of architecture in their communities.

In its first cycle, the award witnessed an overwhelming participation of 420 graduates from 88 universities and 30 countries, 51 entries were long listed, followed by 20 entries shortlist, the eight members of the 2016 Tamayouz International Award judging panel (Please see Biograpghies of the judging panel memebrs) are:

Ayad Al Tuhafi, Owner and director of Ayad Al Tuhafi Architect, London; Ben Flippance, Director of IDP Group, Coventry; Fernando Olba Rallo, Principal Director of Fernando Olba Arquitectura + Urbanismo, Valencia; Marc Galudemans, Dean of Architecture and Urbanism at Fontys University, Eindhoven; Niran Banna, Architect and Urban designer, Dusseldorf; Philip Michael Wolfson, Director of Philip Michael Wolfson Design Studio, London; Sebastian Hicks, Lecturer at Coventry University, Coventry; Steve Austin, Head of Energy Construction and Environment School at Coventry University, Coventry.

The winners of Tamayouz Excellence Award 2016:

The winners selection and the top ranking is based on the judging panel’s unanimous decision on all entries.

The Winner of Tamayouz Excellence Award 2016 and the First Prize is shared between Anna Andronova from the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering in Russia and Noor Marji from the German Jordanian University in Amman.

The Prize Winner (Joint Winners):

Anna Andronova

Perpetual Motion: Kazan Hybrid Hub

Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering – Russia

Project supervisor: Ilnar Akhtiamov and Rezeda Akhtiamova

The Prize Winner (Joint Winners):

Noor Marji

Square One: Urban library and learning centre

German Jordanian University – Jordan

Project supervisor:  Tha’er Quba’a

The Judging Panel’s Comment:

Extremely daring project that aims to redraw the concept of urban transportation and warps us into the future of an all-connected and accessible urban form. The proposal to redesign the central transportation hub of Kazan and radically break with historical interventions and permanent scars in the urban tissue is very courageous. The proposal shows a strong capacity to frame the narrative in a convincing and thought-provoking set-up, resulting in a dreamlike vision of some future urban generator.  Because it stays firm in the realm of the conceptual and has a strong visual narrative, the project bypasses standard judgement.

The judging panel’s comment:

An impressive and provocative solution, not only for a very sensitive and difficult area in Amman but also a bold attempt to reshape education through socially and value oriented architectural design. The final design is a convincing public space and public venue that will immensely contribute to the livability of the neighborhood, providing schools, library, sports facilities and a large amount of public space. The building could become a social connector and social catalyst for change even more than it does already, by examining lateral connections to the site around it.  An appropriate solution for bringing a substantial program into a dense urban area.


The Second Prize goes to Lama Alhamed and Tamara Al-Safadi from the University of Jordan for their work on The Panacea – Community Centre, this graduation project was supervised by Dr Saleem Dahabreh.

The Judging Panel’s Comment:

An intriguing project on all aspects of ‘recycling’ and creating circular concepts not just related to energy, waste and material, but extended into the social domain. The design entails a kind of urban catalyst, to provide both a machine for a sustainable lifecycle in the urban neighbourhood, but also multiuse spaces for workers, residents and visitors. The combination of an industrial function and urban services creates an exciting – slightly idealistic – vision of a new architecture for distressed areas in Amman

Second Prize Winner – The Panacea

The Third Prize goes to Nipun Prabhakar from the school of planning and architecture, BHOPAL – India for his work on the Post-Riot Rehabilitation project. Nipun’s graduation project was supervised by Dr Saurabh Popli.

The Judging Panel’s Comment:

This project shows an important role for architects because it translates the local community needs with strategies routed in the community and the realities of the site, addressing social needs in a sensitive and appropriate manner and takes very strongly the local vernacular

Third Prize Winner – Post Riot Rehabilitation – Muzaffarnagar

The Honorable Mentions

The Fourth Place goes to Horia Mihai-Coman from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania for his project; Music Academy Campus in Cluj – Napoca.  This project was supervised by Dr Arh Radu Șerban Spânu.

Honorable Mentions: Fourth Place – Music Academy Campus in Cluj – Napoca


The Fifth place goes to Ruaa Al Janabi from Ajman University of Science and Technology – UAE for her work on Baghdad University Student’s District, Ruaa graduation project was supervised by Mohammed Arar. 

Honorable Mentions: Fifth Place – Baghdad University Students’ District

The Sixth place goes to Lucia Alonso Sanchez from the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria for her project “Cooking School and meeting point”, which was supervised by Joaquin Mosquera Casares.

Honorable Mentions: Sixth Place – Cooking school and meet point

The Seventh place goes to Balsam Ibrahim, Hakem Al-Habahbeh Odai Haddad from the University of Jordan for their graduation project Redefining Waste, supervised by Dr Wael AlAzhari.

Honorable Mentions: Seventh Place – Redefining Waste

The Eighth place goes to Zaid Al-Kawaz from the Applied Science University in Amman for his Conservation and redevelopment of Jadid Hasan Basha Quarter graduation project, Zaid’s project was supervised by Mazen Al-Nabulsi.

Honorable Mentions: Eighth Place – The Conservation and redevelopment of Jadid Hasan Basha Quarter

The Ninth place goes to Dimitra Gkougkoudi and Elli Athanasiadou from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for their Choreographing Space graduation project, supervised by Maria Vogiatzaki.

Honourable Mentions: Ninth Place – Choreographing Space

The Tamayouz International Supervisor of the Year 2016 Award

Tamayouz International Award’s Supervisor of the Year 2016 Award goes to Ilnar Akhtiamov and Rezeda Akhtiamova from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering and Tha’er Quba’a from the German Jordanian University for their supervision, support and encouragement to the winners of this year’s award.

The Tamayouz International Architecture School of the Year 2016 Award

The Architecture School of the Year 2016 award goes a school with two projects in the Top 10 of Tamayouz International 2016; The Department of Architecture at The University of Jordan.

Tamayouz Founder, Ahmed Al-Mallak Said:

“Our warmest congratulation to the winners, supervisors, honourable mentions and architecture schools  on their outstanding achievements in the Tamayouz International 2016. 

Many of the projects in our Top 50 list represent a new generation of young inspiring architects, addressing local and global challenges, proposing Socially dynamic, transformative and aspirational responses reflecting extensive input from design research and understanding of community needs and not just thinking about building the next Landmark in their city and we hope to see more projects tackling these challenges in the coming years. The support for the first cycle of the Tamayouz International award has been remarkable and we thank you for that.”

The prizes of the 2016 Tamayouz Iraq Award are:

– The First Prize $2000 shared between the joint winners + Tamayouz Award’s Medal

– The Second Prize $1000 + Tamayouz Award’s Medal

– The Third Prize $500 + Tamayouz Award’s Medal

This year’s award ceremony will be held in Amman Jordan, date and venue to be announced at later date.  In its second cycle (Tamayouz International 2017) the winner will receive a scholarship to pursue postgraduate education in Italy,  full announcement during the ceremony.

Tamayouz International Award sponsored by:

Coventry University, The Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Dewan Architects and Engineers, The United Nations Global Compact and Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects.

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