Tamayouz Excellence Award

Shortlist Announcement – Tamayouz Iraq 2016

Tamayouz Award is delighted to announce the shortlist for the Tamayouz Iraq – Excellence in Graduation Projects, 18 entries were shortlisted out of 102 received from 16 universities and they are:

University of Sulaimani Out of 17 Participants

Ban Ahmed

Farhang Fryad

Rawand Rashid

Razjan Hassan

Rebin HamaRaouf

University of Salahaddin Out of 22 Participants

Delovan Delawer

Dezhin Abdulrazzaq Doski

Hilmet Dilshad

University of Technology Out of 17 Participants

Mariam Mazin Alias

Raghad Al-Hilal

Al-Nahrain University Out of 6 Participants

Ahmed Bader

University of Babylon Out of 8 Participants

Sattar Flaih Altaee

University of Baghdad Out of 7 Participants

Abdullah Amer

Cihan University Out of 6 Participants

Rawand Farwq

University of Duhok Out of 6 Participants

Mustafa Sulaiman

Koya University Out of 2 Participants

Rawen Saied

Mosul University (in Kirkuk) Out of 3 Participants

Ali Nashwan Al-Taie

Applied Science University – Amman

Khaleefah Abdulkareem Al-Rubaye

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