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The 2018 Dewan Award – School in the Iraqi Marshes:  The Shortlist

Tamayouz Award is delighted to announce the Long list (Top 20 entries) for the Dewan Award for architecture and its theme for 2018; School in the Iraqi Marshes Competition.

The shortlisted entries were selected out of 97 entries submitted by firms, design studios, individuals and universities coming from 37 countries, participants were asked to design a primary school in the long-forgotten area of the Iraqi marshes, taking into account the limitations of the area and the ecological impact of construction on nature and the fauna of the marshes. The design is for a 6-class primary school serving the nearby villages with all the amenities of a modern school.

The shortlisted entries in Alphabetical order of their countries are:

  • Australia – Melbourne: Centrum Architects: Anh Vu Nguyen, Miles Scott, Paula Panopoulos and David Harris
  • China – Hangzhou City: ZBKF: Shuyun Bao, Xuran Zhang, Mingpeng Kang and Yuan-Fang
  • China – Beijing: North China University of Technology: Chunxi Zhao, Jinhui – Shen, Hengrui liu and Chang Zhou
  • China – Nanjing: the A team: Shijin Liu
  • Cyprus – Nicosia: Offshore Studio: Paisios Skitini and Irene Evgeniou
  • Egypt – Giza: NSM STUDIO: Sameh Zayed and Nader Moro and Mostafa Ahmed
  • Egypt – Cairo: Benaa Foundation: Ahmed Abdulhakeem, ِAya t’allah Nasr, Abdelrahman Elhiatmy and Neda Hany
  • Germany – Düsseldorf: CCS: Sally Al-Badry and Cesar Cheng.
  • Iran – Tehran: Interactive Architects: Neda Karimzadeh, Marjan Zaredehnavi, Ehsan-kazerooni and Amirreza Fathollahi
  • Iraq – Babylon: LA Architects Studio: Laith Abd-Alhakem Ali and Alaq Mohammed Salih
  • Iraq – Basra: Alrudaini Design Studio: Saif Alrudainy, Alsadeq Sadeq and Samer Al-Kaabawi
  • Italy – Verona: AAA: Mohamed Hassan Elgendy and Pietro Paolo Speziale
  • Jordan – Amman: Osama Rahahleh
  • Jordan – Amman: Noor Marji
  • Singapore – Singapore: ANIMA Nikolai Mina and Lady Roxanne Mina
  • Turkey – Istanbul: İBRAHİM NART and ÖMER VAROL
  • Turkey – Bursa: MAI Design: Mert Tas and Mert Bostankolu
  • UK – Cambridge: DWAZHU: Hang Zhou and Shengtao Du
  • USA – New York: ZAC: Yasamin Mayyas and David Jimenez

The shortlisted entries will be reviewed by the Tamayouz Excellence Award judging panel on the 3rd of October and the winning entries will be announced end of October.

The judging panel comprises of:

– Professor Jala Makhzoumi – Beirut – American University of Beirut
– Professor Matteo Poli – Milan – Polytechnic University of Milan
– Professor Felipe Samaran Salo – Madrid – Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
– Ammar Khammash – Amman – Ammar Khammash Architects
– Fernando Olba – Valencia – Fernando Olba arquitectura y urbanismo
– Manhal Habbobi – Istanbul – Manhal Habbobi Consultants
– Mohamed Al-Assam – Dubai – Dewan Architects and Engineers
– Ossaid Al-Eitan – Amman – Tamayouz Award Middle East Coordinator (Non-voting facilitator).

The winning entries will be announced end of October.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by; The Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Coventry University, Dewan Architects and Engineers, the United Nations Global Compact, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects, Tradex Global Ltd.

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